EcoPayz Online Payment Method in CA

Surprisingly versatile, EcoPayz is thought of widely as the finest online payment mechanism in Canada. With an e-wallet service at its core, it offers a range of products which are all popular with players.

The most popular of them are the accessible, easy to use and secure EcoAccount, EcoCard and EcoVirtualCard. You can use these 3 products to make deposits and withdrawals on desktop computer, smartphone and tablet at any time of the day or night; and this is just part of what makes them the best online casino payment mechanism.

Supported By a Major Brand

The EcoPayz service that launched in the UK in 1999 is supported by MasterCard, one of the world’s most trusted credit card brands. To many Canadian players, as well as those in more than 50 other countries, this adds to the service’s reputation as a trusted online casino payment mechanism.

More than that, however, it also offers incentives for players to sign up for an EcoAccount. Among the perks available to you once you have an account include a rewards system, as well as monthly promotions. In addition to this, you can also enjoy access to certain promotions and special offers run by MasterCard.

First Step Is an EcoAccount

To use any of the EcoPayz products accepted as an online casino payment mechanism in Canada, you will first need to sign up for an EcoAccount. You can do this securely at the brand’s website.

The account is essentially an e-wallet that you link to your bank account. Using your Internet based banking profile, you can deposit CA$ into the e-wallet. You can then use an EcoCard or EcoVirtualCard connected to your e-wallet when making a deposit at your favourite casino.

EcoAccounts are available in classic, silver, gold, platinum, and VIP tiers, all of which are free to join. However, the fees applied to certain transactions, as well as deposit and withdrawal limits, available services, and the requirements placed on users, vary from tier to tier. You therefore need to choose the best online casino payment mechanism for your needs.

An example of how they differ is that an EcoPayz Classic EcoAccount can be used as a deposit method only. You cannot transfer those funds back to your bank account. A Silver account, however, does give you that option, but comes with higher fees for deposits and withdrawals. No fees are charged for online casino withdrawals into an EcoAccount.

What Is an EcoCard

The EcoCard is an actual plastic card issued by EcoPayz and supported by MasterCard. You need to apply for a card on the Internet, but the process is quick and simple, and requires neither credit checks nor a bank account.

If your application is successful, your card will arrive via Canada’s trusty postal service. They are not credit cards, so to use your EcoCard, you need to top it up with CA$ using your EcoAccount. Each card has a unique code, so when using the trusted  casino payment mechanism, you need to enter that code to confirm the deposit. In this sense, it combines the best aspects of e-wallets with those of prepaid vouchers.

What Is an EcoVirtualCard

An EcoVirtualCard is a one-use, digital version of an EcoCard. Once you have used a virtual card to make a deposit, you cannot re-use it, and will need a new virtual card for your next one.

You can apply for virtual cards from within your EcoAccount, and they are issued immediately if your application is successful. This may seem less versatile than an actual EcoCard, but virtual cards can be used almost anywhere MasterCard is accepted, which adds to their appeal as an online casino payment mechanism in Canada. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details