If you are familiar with the online casino industry, you will know that banking plays and important role in how and where you can gamble online. Being able to make fast, secure online payments is an absolute must for anyone making regular casino deposits. In the world of casino banking, Paysafe is a name that pops up more often than not. As one of the largest online payment companies in Europe, Paysafe offers e-wallets and online payment solutions to players all over the world.

Paysafe E-Wallets

While Paysafe have interests outside of the casino industry, many of their products are ideal for making instant online deposits and cashing out your winnings. To demonstrate this point, the Paysafe parent company owns two of the largest web-wallet payment facilities in the industry, namely Neteller and Skrill. If you are familiar with web-wallet systems, you will know that both Neteller and Skrill offer world-leading payment services at just about every online casino in Europe. Not only do they offer instant casino deposits, they also provide super-fast cashout facilities with lower fees than credit cards and local bank transfers.


Aside from their industry leading web-wallet payment systems, Paysafe is most famously known for their revolutionary Paysafecard payment system. Unlike web-wallet payments systems that require players to transfer funds into their web-wallet account, Paysafecard is completely anonymous and a much safer way to pay and play online. The system works by using electronic vouchers to make casino deposits. Cards and vouchers can be bought at Paysafecard outlets in Portugal with cash or however you want to pay. This means that you don’t even need a bank account to play real money casino games online.

Buying a Voucher Instore

To find your nearest Paysafecard outlet, simply log onto the Paysafecard website and type in your address. The site will then display the merchants in your area. From there you can head down to your local outlet and buy a Paysafecard voucher card. Cards are available in a variety of denominations including: C$10, C$30, C$50, C$100 and C$250.

Vouchers can be used individually or combined to form a larger amount. Once you have a Paysafecard voucher, you can use it to make instant online casino deposits at all leading online casinos. While Paysafecard cannot be used for casino withdrawals, it is certainly one of the safest, most convenient and completely anonymous ways to fund your casino account. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details