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All of the top online casino sites offer competitive Casino Bonuses to entice you to play with them. This keeps you happy, spending money and away from competing sites, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone. But which are the best bonuses and how do they work? On this page we not only provide you with a list of some of the BEST Casino Bonuses around, but also explain to you how some of them work.

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Best Casino Bonuses

In no particular order we have compiled some of the best Online Casino Bonuses available on the net. We hope you enjoy claiming your sign-up bonus and playing at any one of these online casinos…

What is a Sign-up Bonus?

The competition between casinos is always fierce and to entice new players through their virtual doors they offer Online Casino Bonuses to ALL new players. These Casino Bonuses are literally the online version of casino comps that are often handed out by all of the main offline casinos in Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau and Monaco. The Online Casino Bonus can be used to shorten the odds against the casino and improve your chances of winning. Often Free Spins are also given as part of a Casino Bonus deal.

Please Note! Every Online Casino Bonus is subject to terms and conditions to protect the casino from bonus hunters. Please be sure to read all of these terms and conditions before deciding on which bonus best suits you. There are almost always playthrough requirements, meaning you will need to bet the bonus amount a certain number of times before you can cash out. Check that you are happy with these stipulations before you agree to anything.

Also, please remember that the biggest bonus is not always the best bonus. We suggest that you try signing-up and claiming the Casino Bonus at the JackpotCity Online Casino if you are a first time player.

Other Bonuses and Promotions

Players also need to remember to look at what other deals are on offer at any online casino that they are considering. The sites that we recommend understand that looking after existing members is just as important as enticing new ones, so they have a wide range of later promotions to keep everyone happy, and every player account in the black.

Promotions for existing players tend to change regularly at online casinos, so make sure you always check what is on offer before you begin a playing session. You want to take maximum advantage of everything that is coming your way, after all!

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Most later Bonuses are Percentage Match Bonuses, meaning they give you a portion of what you deposited into your account. This is different to Welcome Bonuses, which are almost always at least 100% of what you deposited if not more.

As well as Welcome Bonuses and later deals and promotions, you will find lucrative Loyalty Clubs at most online casinos. These reward every real-money bet that you place, usually with points that can be redeemed for more playing credits or even for cash.

The points will also help you advance up the tiers of the programme, if this is how it is structured, unlocking more and more perks as you go. Special treatments include personal account managers, faster cashout times and even more bonuses that are exclusive to players who have attained a certain status.

How Does Refer A Friend Work?

Online casino bonuses come in many different forms. Most people know about the Welcome rewards that are given to new players when they sign up, as well as the regular promotions and Loyalty Clubs that are run by almost every site.

What you may not be familiar with yet is the Refer a Friend Online Casino Bonus. This might simply be called a Referral or Bring a Buddy Bonus, depending on where you are playing. Whatever their specific names are, these promotions can actually be very rewarding.

The Basics Explained

Accessing these rewards is not as simple as telling your friends to open an account at a specific site. The operator has to know that it was you who brought new clients; they need proof before they can give you any extra funds.

To track these suggestions and make sure that everyone who deserves a Refer a Friend Online Casino Bonus gets one, a complicated system of online links is usually used. You’ll be given a link that is specific to your player account. This will usually end with your username, or a combination of numbers and letters.

The important thing is that the link is totally unique. To invite other players, you’ll need to send them that link and have them click on it. If they simply access the site on their own, you won’t get any of the credit as there will be no way to connect their sign up to you. Once your new recruits are on the site, they’ll need to open an account. As soon as they’ve made their first deposit, you’ll get your casino bonus for referring them.

Check the Terms and Conditions

Like all rewards, Refer a Friend Online Casino Bonuses come with certain stipulations attached to them. Remember, as always, an operator is a business that needs to make money and protect itself from being abused.

To safeguard against members recruiting new players, claiming their rewards and then cashing out, playthrough requirements are in place. These are also called wagering requirements, and usually specify how many times the amount of your online casino bonuses must be bet, before you can make any withdrawals.

For example, if the requirements are x35, you’ll need to wager $3500 before you can cash out $100. With referral rewards, there could be playthrough requirements for both you and your new recruits. Sometimes you’ll need to wait for them to complete their stipulated bets, before you can start on your own.

Make sure you know when you can expect to see the rewards in your account, and whether you will be paid a lump sum or a percentage of whatever your friend deposits. You need to be sure you are happy with the terms and conditions, and you need to be able to check that you get the rewards that are due to you!

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