The best place to play Online Keno

Online keno provides all the fun of the casino from the comfort of your own home but where is the best place to play this nail biting, attention grabbing, loads of fun casino game?

Belle Rock Entertainment is the home of the best casinos on the World Wide Web. The site provides a comprehensive overview of the greatest internet play houses. Over here you will find in-depth reviews on internationally renowned online casinos such as Lucky Nugget  and Gaming Club, to name just a few.

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The Beauty of the Online Casino

One of the biggest advantages of the online casino is that it's now entirely portable. You can play casino games on your phone, on your laptop, or on your tablet device from wherever in the world you happen to be.

This means that if you fancy adding a little extra excitement to your working day, you can log on during your work break, have a little flutter on the train ride home, or play a quick hand while waiting for your mates to turn up at the pub. Wherever you are, there is an internet casino to cater for your needs.

There are many other advantages to online casinos, including cheaper wagers, fantastic bonuses and the fact that you never need to deal with crowds or clogged game machines. All of these benefits come to the fore when you play Keno online.

Basic Principles of Keno

Keno’s origins are actually thought to stretch all the way back to Ancient China, so it has a very long and proud heritage. General Cheung Leung is believed to have come up with the earliest version, in order to fund his army’s constant battles, and was so successful that he had enough left over to help with the construction of the Great Wall of China!

The General used the first 100 images in the classic 100 Characters poem that is used to teach children the traditional Chinese alphabet, but in modern Keno basic numerals are used. The thrill of holding your breath to see if you’ve won stays the same, however, and will enhance any casino session.

In Keno, you buy a ticket and choose your lucky numbers from the available pool. The caller draws them out, and when all numbers have been drawn they are displayed. You’re paid out according to how much you bet and how many of your numbers match the winning ones that are shown. The action is beautifully simulated in online casino games using animations and Random Number Generation.

Online Keno

Keno has found a home from home on the internet, with just as much excitement on offer here as you will be able to find in your local brick and mortar casino. Online Keno is a lottery/bingo style game where 20 balls from a selection of 80 are drawn at random. It is also available on mobile casinos and can be played via smartphone devices.

If you're looking for somewhere online to exercise your keno skills, take a look at your options at Belle Rock Entertainment. All the online casinos that we recommend deliver engaging versions of the game, while mobile platforms are even more immersive for many players.

This is thanks to the use of touchscreens, which can feel much more immediate and authentic than using your computer’s cursor and a mouse. Try a few games on either platform, on some of our listed casinos, and see how enjoyable the game is for yourself.

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