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Belfast online Casino

Gambling laws mean that Belfast casinos are either online or for hire in the form of mobile casinos.

Thanks to the troubles and delays in the laws on gambling in the past, Belfast casinos have never really caught on in the way that they have in big cities in the rest of the UK or in Irish cities such as Dublin. There are private poker establishments, but if you want online slots or a taste of true Belfast casinos, you are better off playing on gambling websites such as Belle Rock Entertainment, or you could hire a mobile casino in the area and play an assortment of iPad casino games.

Online Games

Belle Rock Entertainment is a large website that also serves as a directory of internet casinos. You can utilise the Belle Rock website to find online casinos that are to your liking. There is a review system available that lets you see the various offerings that are available and whether the listed sites and games have received awards. Belle Rock provides a summary of the different games available on the websites it covers, so if you are in Belfast and fancy a game of online slots or the challenge of the poker room, you can head to the appropriate place.

Mobile Casinos

In terms of mobile casinos, Belfast has a few. This type of casino is run by a professional company, which you can hire to bring gambling to your event, such as a party or wedding reception. The idea is that you book the company, which turns up with the necessary equipment and staff. Games you can expect include roulette, blackjack and poker.

In Belfast, mobile casino companies include Mulsanne Casinos, which specialises particularly in solving the dull bits at events like weddings by adding casino gaming to the mix. Casino Nights NI, meanwhile, operates across the country and has a number of themes that guests can choose to spice up the evening. Guests might dress up smart for a James Bond-themed evening or dust off their Stetsons for a trip to the Wild West. Both companies offer a selection of games, from roulette to cards.

Online casinos might be a dime a dozen, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t choose wisely. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Casinos include a number of land based establishments catering to ever possible gaming need. Give them a go today!

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