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Leicester Casinos: an Interesting Choice for a Night Out

If you happen to be thinking about gaming and you live in Leicester, you have two choices. First, you may wish to stay at home and head online. Alternatively you may wish you head out but keep your casino in your pocket or handbag. If this is the case, then iPhone casino gaming is ideal for you. These are perfectly acceptable options, what with websites such as Belle Rock Entertainment on the net that can help you find the casino website that you want to visit. You might use Belle Rock's ratings and game categories to distinguish those sites that interest you from those that will not, for example.

Leicester - Genting and Mint

If you wish to experience real-life, bricks-and-mortar Leicester casinos, you should find a few choices to explore. Genting Casino Leicester, for example, is one branch of a well-recognised casino chain that takes in many regions of Great Britain. Genting Casino in Leicester aims to offer an environment that caters to serious gamers and more casual gamblers alike and you can expect to be able to relax but also take part in energetic games.

Mint Casino in Leicester has a 6am licence, so you can expect games to be going on all night long. The offerings here extend from card games such as Blackjack to slot machines, while electronic gaming is available through roulette terminals.

Leicester - Gala and Stanley Annabelle

Another casino chain with a branch in Leicester, Gala Casino boasts a number of game types spread over various nights of the week. If you are a poker enthusiast you will find both three card and cash poker varieties in-house depending on which day you arrive.

The Stanley Annabelle Casino is another establishment that offers a late licence – to 6am on some nights of the week – and one that caters for both slot machine fans as well as those who prefer table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker. There are ten slot machines on the premises, as well as six tables that are used for other games.

Sunderland Casinos, including those in Newcastle also offer splendid casino options and if you’re in the area, are certainly worth visiting or even frequenting.

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