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Great Online Casino Bonuses in Manchester

The vast majority of online casino games sites will offer new players special sign-up bonuses when they play for the first time and make their first deposit. In addition, many will not stop there and will continue to reward the online player for a number of subsequent plays. The online casinos can do this as part of their marketing strategy because while they may be essentially giving money away, this is done with the likelihood that the new player will make a commitment to the site.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Most casinos will offer a sign-up bonus which either matches or is a significant percentage of the first deposit a player makes. It's well worth looking for the best offers because with some of them you can essentially double your money before you even start playing.

You should also try to play on sites which have generous loyalty programmes. With these you will be rewarded for playing regularly and you can build up to some very good bonuses.

Online Casino Comps

Comp points are nearly always available in 'bricks and mortar' casinos, with many a Manchester casino offering them. But they also exist in online gaming to a certain extent. These comp points can basically be exchanged for either cash or special prizes. They can also be traded in for other comps. The number of comp points offered will vary from casino to casino but in general it will be around three comp points for every £10 wagered on slot machine games or perhaps one point for every £10 bet on online blackjack. These can then be exchanged for cash, which could be up to a £1 for every 100 comps gained.

Types of Online Casino Games

Once you have chosen the site with the best bonuses, you need to decide which casino games you want to play. Most will offer games such as roulette, blackjack and poker and will also have a great variety of slots games. You can plunge in and play for real money straight away or just try them out first with play money.

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