Online Casino FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

When you decide to start playing online casino games, you might find the information available to be quite daunting. This is completely understandable. There are lots of operators out there and competition is rife. Deciding where to game can make all the difference between having a good time and having an unfulfilling time. What we would essentially like to do is answer as many of the most frequently asked questions and alleviate any concerns you might have.

Is Online Casino Gaming Safe?

Online casino gaming is safe as long as certain fixtures are in place. When embarking on what can be a fun and exciting time coupled with great winning possibilities, always make sure that the online casino at which you are signing up is backed by a reputable casino software provider. This is of the utmost importance as a reputable provider will never affiliate itself with an operator that is not conducting itself above board. Important names to look out for when joining an online casino operator are Microgaming, NetEnt, Cryptologic and BetSoft to name but a few.

Banking mechanisms and the protection of personal information are also very important features to factor into your decision. All the online casinos that we promote and endorse meet the high standards required to provide players with safe financial transactions - back and forth between casino and player. In order to ensure information safety, our online casinos employ 128 bit encryption software – the most effective there is.

Licencing is another aspect to be aware of. There are very few territories in the world allowed to administer online casino licences. If the establishment you’ve chosen is licenced by Curacao, Gibraltar or Malta, you can rest assured of its fully licenced and legal status. Finally, be sure that the operator is affiliated with an accredited organisation that enforces responsible gaming and fair game play such as eCOGRA.

Are the Games Doctored?

All reputable online casino operators use casino software from reputable providers. This software is integrated with a Random Numbers Generator (RNG) to ensure that the outcomes of all bets and wagers are completely random and fair. Also, these mechanisms are regularly and externally audited. To rig an online casino would be very hard and if it was done, would bring into disrepute the casino software provider which in turn would tarnish the image of both the operator and the software provider. All the online casinos that we endorse use externally audited RNG’s.

Will You Receive a Bonus?

Most if not all online casinos provide sign-up offers and/or welcome bonuses. These incentivised offers serve in two capacities. They allow the casinos to endear themselves to players and they give players additional funds with which to gamble. Most bonuses are classed as match offers. This means that the player needs to make a deposit after which that deposit gets matched by a certain percentage. That percentage is included in the players casino bank balance and thus the deposit and bonus money collates. Regular gaming can also lead to additional bonus offers such as free spins, cashback deals and free roll tournaments.

Which Casino Games Have the Greatest Odds?

While all online casino games will issue wins that are purely random, there are certain games that have better odds than others. Online slot games, while clearly the most fun games to play, don’t have an edge as good as table games like online blackjack. After blackjack, the next game to play with better odds would be craps. Online roulette can also provide great odds, especially if you’re going to bet on colours as this means your odds become 50/50.

Blackjack, Roulette, Slots? What will YOU play?

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