Glossary of Online Casino Terms

When it comes to online casino terms, do you speak the lingo? It’s important to learn the vocabulary used when gambling so that you can better understand what’s required at all times, and boost your winning chances. Our glossary covers all the most commonly used online casino definitions so that you know what everything means.

A - E


A feature that allows players to complete missions to earn rewards.


An online casino term that refers to the House’s hand in Baccarat.


The area of the site where you make deposits and withdrawals.


Another name for the dealer.

Double Down

An online casino definition for a Blackjack move that allows you to multiply your initial bet 2X and receive only 1 more card for the duration of the game.


A respected testing agency responsible for independently auditing casino software and payouts.

E - K

Face Cards

The Jacks, Queens, and Kings in a deck of cards.


Occasionally used to refer to a separate area of a site that features games of chance like Dice, Heads or Tails, and Keno.

Hole Card

Online casino lingo for a dealt card facing down to the dealer in certain Blackjack variations.

Inside Bets

Wagers in a Roulette game that are placed on numbers.

Jacks or Better

This online casino term is for a popular variant of Video Poker where you need at least a Pair of Jacks to win.


A game of chance similar to bingo. Keno is based on numbers being drawn, which cover the corresponding digits on your card.

K - R


Permits awarded to operators by gaming jurisdictions that allow them to offer entertainment legally and safely.


Online casino lingo for a betting system popular with Roulette players that sees you doubling losing wagers until you win.


Getting a hand worth 21 points in the first 2 cards you’re dealt in Blackjack. It can also refer to a Baccarat hand that is made up of 2 cards that create a total of 8 or 9 points immediately.


A casino client that you can enjoy via your web browser without having to download software to your device.

Outside Bets

This online casino term is used to distinguish stakes at the Roulette table made on columns of 12 numbers, sections of 18 numbers like 1 to 18 or 19 to 36, and Red, Black, Odd, and Even wagers.

Progressive Jackpot

A type of jackpot that grows with every bet that is placed in a game, or range of games, either at a single casino, or networked across several sites. Most commonly found in slots, but also available in other games, these prizes reach sky-high levels and pay out the biggest sums online.


An acronym for Random Number Generator software. The online algorithm that it creates controls the spins of your slots game or the hand you’re dealt when you’re playing with cards. It is regularly tested by auditing companies externally to ensure outcomes are unpredictable.

S - Z

Stacked Symbols

Every player’s favourite mobile casino jargon, for icons in your online slot that are able to land on top of one another to increase your winning potential.


One of the betting options in Baccarat. If the Banker and Player hands are worth the same this wager will pay you out at 8:1.

Up Card

An online casino term for the card belonging to either you or the dealer that is visible to everyone.

Video Poker

An online game played with 5 cards dealt to you on-screen. You choose which of these to keep or discard to create the best possible 5-card Poker hand.


A symbol in slots that can substitute for any other icons in order to help you form a winning combination. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details