Land-Based Poker vs. Online Poker

If there is one game that fully defines the gambling culture, Poker is it. Played in most countries around the world, it requires razor-sharp focus, memory, skills, patience and the ability to control your emotions. It is no wonder that the World Series (WSOP) is viewed by millions of fans around the globe, as the top dogs compete for a massive cash pool. Since the introduction of Internet-based casinos and dedicated gaming sites, Online Poker has become just as popular as its land-based counterpart.

But what are the main differences between the online version and the classic landbased casino games? Let’s find out.

Online Poker Sites

The biggest difference between land-based casino Poker and any of the online alternatives is the lack of physical interaction. Bluffing is a big part of the game and some players employ strategies that involve sussing out their opponents and finding their “tells” to know when they are bluffing and when they actually have a good hand. This obviously cannot be done online, since you are not seeing the player sitting next to you at the virtual table.

Poker sites come the closest to recreating the land-based version, in that players can join live tables and play pot-style where you compete against each other for a central pot. All the standard rules apply for each game, which includes classics like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud and other favourites. Each site is connected to a network that can include players from multiple countries, providing a massive selection of players to compete against. Because all variants are played on a virtual table, strategies must be adapted accordingly.

Online Poker Games

Playing online casino games at dedicated sites can be extremely fun and convenient in that you never have to wait for an open table. With online casino Poker, players compete against the House where a random number generator produces the results. Since you are not competing for a central pot or any other players, the strategy changes. The aim here is to create the highest scoring hand possible to beat the dealer. In most variants, a winning hand will pay out even money on the call bet while returning the ante.

Video Poker

Video Poker is another adaptation of the game that you can find at all leading gambling sites. In this version, casino Poker is incorporated into a video-style experience where you can simply log on and play at any time. Based on classic 5 Card Stud. The aim here is to create the highest 5 card hand possible by keeping and discarding cards. The better your hand, the more you stand to win. A Royal Flush can pay out as much as 4000 coins.

Live Dealer Poker

Another popular alternative to land-based casino games is live dealer online Poker. Using the latest video streaming technology, live dealer entertainment brings players realistic live gaming where you can go head-to-head and test your skills against real dealers who operate out of a professional studio. Unlike the other virtual alternatives, all the results are produced with real cards on real tables and in real time. Players can see the action unfold and talk to the dealers as they would in a real gambling establishment.

This live atmosphere and realism produced is far more appealing to gambling enthusiasts than a virtual environment. The games are still played casino-style where all the players around the table compete against the dealer on each round. Players can also use the chat window to converse with each other and discuss strategies.

At the end of the day, land-based casino games and their online counterparts each off their own pros and cons and it’s up to players to choose which they prefer, or to take advantage of both. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details