Understanding Real Play vs Free Play vs Live Play

Once you’ve decided which online casino you’re going to invest your time at, it’s important to become acquainted with its ins and outs. Get to know your banking options, as you’ll need these to make withdrawals and equally important, know the difference between Real Play, Free Play and Live Play. Two of these options will allow you to play to win money while one will allow you to try out the games to your heart’s content with no expenditure on your behalf. Of the three aforementioned types of play, Real Play and Free Play are something that every reputable online casino should have. The third option, Live Play, has only recently began to climb the popularity ladder of online casino games but it is enjoying a speedy process of proliferation.

Real Play

The most important option when it comes to laying down your money for money in return, Real Play is standard casino gaming. You’re gambling, wagering, betting, all for real cash returns. While we’re talking about Real Play first, if you’re a new player or a complete novice in the world of online casino gaming, then Real Play should be second on your to-do list. Free Play is actually the first thing you’ll want to explore - but more on that later. It is quite imperative to know the difference between Real Play and Free Play as confusion over the two can lead to certain expectations, some false. In essence, Real Play casino gaming is the real deal, where the money lies.

Free Play (Practice Play)

Novice players and new players take note, for this is where you’ll want to start your online casino career. Free Play is one of the best inventions online casinos ever unveiled, so much so that land-based casinos were forced to stand up and take note. In fact, so effective has Free Play proven to be, that many land-based casinos now offer free play or practice play options where players are allowed to learn the games for the purposes of familiarisation. Free Play, also known as practice play will allow you to play the majority of the online casino games without spending a cent. It must however be noted that no real-cash winnings can be gotten from this and that its main purpose is that of learning or pure relaxation.

Free Play (Bonus Cash)

Free Play can also imply bonus cash, often administered in two ways. Free Play in the bonus sense of the word can either be given to you on the form of a match offer, which means you need to put down some money in order to get more or by way of free spins, which would mean that no money needs to be deposited.

Live Play

Live Play, also known as Live Casino is one of the most current trends taking the online casino world by storm. This form of game play is the most realistic form that exists within the confines of an online casino environment. Live Play revolves around traditional table games and allows you to place bets on games like baccarat, blackjack and roulette. Actual dealers or croupiers operate the tables and take your wagers. All of this is achieved by way of video streaming technology.


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