Guide To Casino Loyalty and VIP Programs

The growing number of online casinos means that brands need to make themselves as attractive as possible to players. Brand loyalty is nothing to be sniffed at, and the sites that understand this ensure it is rewarded through clubs and VIP programs.

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Whether you play daily with a small bankroll, or you are a high roller who enjoys gaming sessions a few times a week, you can receive various benefits for your efforts. This makes your choice of online casino all the more important. If your preferred brand does not have such a program, or its VIP rewards are less than spectacular, you could be missing out on a gaming experience that is bigger and better than any you have known before.

How Loyalty Clubs Work

At most gaming sites, you will not need to apply to join their loyalty club. Unlike many VIP programs, membership is conferred automatically when you make a deposit and start placing real-money bets.

The club will award you with points whenever you play for real money, although the number of points you earn differs from game to game. For example, you could earn 2 mobile casino loyalty points for every $1 bet on slots, but betting $1 on Roulette or Baccarat might earn you 1 or even half a point. Some online casinos even award a few thousand points as part of the welcome package.

At themed sites, you may have the opportunity to earn points in various creative ways, such as by completing specific missions. Whatever the way in which they are awarded, and however many mobile casino loyalty points are offered, they all add up.

What You Can Do With Loyalty Points

The points you earn in clubs and VIP programs will accumulate in your account. When you have at least the minimum required for the rewards on offer, you can start redeeming them. At some sites, they can be exchanged for gaming credits only.

Others, however, may give you the options of exchanging them for cash-back rewards, gadgets, or more. Clubs also may run members-only promotions, competitions, and tournaments that you can enter using mobile casino loyalty points.

Levelling Up for More Perks

The best online casino loyalty program for you may well involve different tiers, which you can rise up by accumulating more points, merits or other tokens. These different levels may have pretty generic names such as Silver, Gold and Platinum, or titles that are particular to a storyline - on a site that is based on a fantasy realm, for example, you might be an Apprentice, a Magician and finally a Wizard.

Either way, the higher you climb, the more special treatment you will be entitled to. This could include exclusive event invites, prioritised cashouts, dedicated account managers, or anything else the operator can think of to make you feel appreciated.

How to Enrol

You are often registered as a member of a rewards club as soon as you sign up at a site. You may also need to find the relevant section on the home page and do it yourself.

As well as the regular system that is available to all players, there’s often an invite-only VIP Club that is available to those players who reach a rarefied level. The perks here are even better, and you need to keep gambling at the same rate in order to maintain your status. Of course, once you’ve experienced how good life can be with the best online casino loyalty program for you, with treats that suit your style and preferences, this is not usually a problem!

Clubs For VIPs

While becoming a member of a loyalty club is easy, VIP rewards tend to be offered on a more exclusive level. At many recommended online casinos, you will either need to apply for membership to a club, or wait for an invitation to join.

What makes a player part of that category, of course, is high rolling. Thresholds vary from brand to brand, so you would need to check first. The rewards however, can be worth your while. What’s more, most programs are tiered, and the perks get better as you work your way up.

Some of the benefits include offers of bigger bonuses and exclusive promotions, higher limits for deposits and withdrawals, faster withdrawals, invitations to VIP program tournaments and to glamorous offline events, personalised gifts and rewards, birthday bonuses, and even a personal account manager.

Tips to Remember

There are a few important things to remember, if you want to see your commitment rewarded.

Some top-quality online and mobile casinos do not have loyalty clubs. Instead, the only extra perk for players is a welcome bonus, so be sure to check, before signing up and making a deposit.

It also is important to remember that loyalty points usually have an expiry date. Similarly, it is possible to move from higher to lower VIP program tiers by making smaller deposits, or by being inactive for a period of time. Make sure you know what the policy is at your favourite online casino to avoid disappointment.

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