Playing at a $1 Deposit Casino

Published By Mia Gardner : 15 Dec 2021 | Last Updated: 06 Jun 2022

Online casinos have been popular ever since the first one was launched in 1994, and these days you can pick and choose where to play – from the comfort of your own home, or via a mobile device. While they are not advertised as minimum deposit casinos, most of these establishments will accept deposits for as little as $1 in order to start playing. Of course, making a $1 deposit may not get you much playing time, but with some games, especially slots, offering low bet and coin sizes, it can take you pretty far - and you can have the same experience as the high rollers. There are plenty of online casinos, such as JackpotCity, which will accept a minimum deposit of $1, so let’s take a look at what you can enjoy when making this deposit to start playing.


What Can You Get with a $1 Deposit at a Casino?

First of all, for a minimum deposit of $1, you’ll get to choose which games you would like to play, and it’s important to look at bet sizes and coin sizes, as you can easily get a lot of playing time by simply adjusting these on each game according to your budget. Even though you may be able to play in small increments at a time, it’s important to note that, in order to qualify for any bonus, most online casinos require a minimum deposit of $10 – that’s if you’re interested in any kind of bonus, as these come with certain standard terms and conditions as well, such as wagering requirements. Of course, you can simply make a $1 minimum deposit at the casino and opt out of any bonuses and continue to enjoy the games on offer as you will still qualify to play, even progressives. In fact, some players have won progressive jackpots with very small bets, such as a $5.5 million Mega Moolah jackpot that was won with a 0.50c coin bet.


Minimum Deposit Casinos: JackpotCity

A $1 deposit casino we can recommend is JackpotCity. This online and mobile casino has been around since 1998, is fully licensed and offers safe and secure gaming. Even though you will not qualify for promotions with a minimum deposit of $1 (as with most casinos), you can enjoy a range of games with small increments in bet sizes and can play either at home on your PC, or on the go via mobile.

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