AGS Welcomes New Casino Development Expert

Published By Mia Gardner : 07 Oct 2020 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

Globally renowned casino company AGS is known for creating and distributing some of the most popular slots cabinets in the world. But, even having achieved such enormous success, the corporation is always looking for new ways to optimise its own internal structures, and drive growth. To this end, AGS welcomed aboard Brad Boyer, who will officially be taking on the role of vice president for Investor Relations, Corporate Development and Strategy.

Of course, the new team member is no stranger to the casino industry, boasting an extensive resume of 10 years in gaming research analysis. He is also well known to have deep, cultivated relationships in the global investor community, making him perfect for his new role. It also need not be mentioned that his knowledge of AGS’s inner workings is outstanding, more or less putting him head and shoulders above other candidates.

A Closer Look

Looking more deeply into Boyer’s history, it can be seen that he spent the last 10 years at financial services firm Stifel, Nicolaus, and Company. There he served the role of vice president of Equity Research, Gaming and Leisure, giving him the impressive resume. He recently stepped down from the position, however, thus opening up his career for other possibilities.

More specifically, at Stifel, Nicolaus, and Company he focused exclusively on iGaming, sports, hospitality and casino gaming. He was also responsible for dealing directly with AGS, thus giving him his deep understanding of the company on every level.

All in all, it can basically be said that he is perfect for the vice president position in virtually every way. Few could compare, boast as impressive a background, or claim to have as extensive a knowledge of the company.

An Invaluable Asset

Chief financial officer at AGS, Kimo Akiona, shared a few thoughts on welcoming Boyer aboard. He first reiterated how important it was to have the best person for the job, stressing that, as far as he was concerned, Boyer could not be a better choice.

Akiona then went on to point out that the skills being brought to the table were nothing short of outstanding, with Brad having an understanding of not just the company itself, but also the company’s competitors and customers.

Akiona concluded by stating that the executive team that had been internally created was now stronger than ever before, with casino industry growth, as always, being the primary, achievable focus. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details