Atari To Launch Crypto Casino Game

Published By Mia Gardner : 12 Jun 2020 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

Video games giant and consoles industry patriarch Atari first made mention of its plans to enter the world of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies back in 2018. It said at the time that it considered Blockchain perfectly suited to casino games, and since it had already four years prior to that effectively entered the iGaming industry with a bang, launching its own cryptocurrency seemed a logical next big step.

It may be recalled that Atari in 2014 entered into a partnership with leading iGaming developer and industry specialist Pariplay Ltd., after which Atari went on to create a superb and exciting series of real-money casino games based on classic Atari video arcade games. Said Atari CEO Fred Chesnais at the time of the company’s foray into the world of iGaming development, the time had come for Atari to move forward in a prominent way into an exciting gaming and entertainment space.

Birth Of The Atari Token

After having initially announced its own big plans for Blockchain, Atari went on to create its Atari Token, a digital currency the decades-long video games colossus is now all but ready to launch into the ether – a market introduction it plans on pulling off with the support of a recent deal brokered by Black Dog Venture Partners and concluded with exciting new iGaming player and new-generation online casino operator, Native Gaming. 

To Native Gaming CEO Justin McCool, a partnership with Atari is the absolute embodiment of attaching a name brand to a concept just waiting for take-off, i.e. a sure-fire recipe for new concept success. Also, said McCool at the time of the new partnership announcement, the deal signifies the next big step in what Native Games ultimately hopes to be able to set into motion, which is a complete bridging of the gap between gamers, gamblers and digital currencies.

New World In The Making

What Native Games is hoping to achieve with the launch of its Social MMO Sweepstakes Casino, of which the Atari Token will form a significant part, is a complete overhaul of what the industry looks like at this present moment.

Instead of elaborating further on an existing traditional slots spins mechanic, Native’s MMO casino game will make use of a rewards-based “monster-catching” system similar to that employed by AR titles like Pokémon. MMO seems to be focused on combining games of chance with games of skill in a way more suited to the online casino games industry than what is currently available in the market. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details