Vegas & New Jersey Jostle For Top Spot

Published By Mia Gardner : 05 Jul 2019 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

Las Vegas and its stellar reputation might be at risk. The numbers are out, but they seem to be down this year. As casino and sports betting gets accepted in different parts of the country, Las Vegas’ majority stake in the gambling industry is looking tenuous at best.

Nevada’s Gambling capital has seen some significant drops in revenue throughout the last year, and the NGCB (Nevada Gaming Control Board) has admitted that it seems to be a trend. Not only is Las Vegas slipping from its lofty perch, but New Jersey just beat them out as the sports betting capital of the United States!

At least for now…

In April in the State of Nevada, the combined gross gaming revenue (GGR) for all the casinos was $981.8 million, 6% lower than the 22% it had had the previous year.

A Year-On-Year Decline Of 11%

The casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, the casinos that support the city, registered an aggregate decline of 11%. Blackjack was 14.8% to $67.4 million, and baccarat was down 55%, to only $53.85 million and included a win rate of less than 8%. Penny slots helped the situation somewhat, though, by reporting an increase of 6.3% to $117.8 million.

The aggregate drops recorded by both the Strip and the city are in line with a trend that started about six months ago, in December of 2018. Since then, Las Vegas has been experiencing consecutive year-on-year decreases in revenue each month. The month of May saw the numbers at their lowest yet.

It’s not only in the casinos that people are feeling the pinch of the expanded locales for gambling. Even Vegas’ sportsbooks dropped against New Jersey’s. Las Vegas printed $317.4 million in wager slips in the month of May, while New Jersey printed $318.9 million.

Fledgling Gambling Market Not Surprised

It’s not really surprising to anyone in New Jersey that they are doing so well. The governor of the Garden State, Phil Murphy, predicted this very thing, back in April, when he said he had no doubt that they would conquer their gambling rival. Former New Jersey Senator Ray Lesniak was in compete agreement with Murphy’s prediction.

It was Lesniak who fought with the US Supreme Court and PASPA to repeal the federal ban against sports betting. He told ESPN a few days ago that New Jersey and the Northeast LOVE their sports. It’s a hotbed of activity there. They are well on their way, he added, to becoming the East Coast’s Las Vegas, and Nevada had better watch out. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details