Black Mirror Episodes Become Reality

Published By Mia Gardner : 14 May 2018 | Last Updated: 24 Dec 2020

Black Mirror is a popular television series, currently in it’s fourth season. And, given that the show has received all but universal acclaim, it seems like there is bound to be a fifth season, if not a sixth and seventh. Referred to as a smart, but likewise biting show, Black Mirror doesn’t pull any punches in how it portrays people, and society. It’s as entertaining as a casino game, but it shows that in the way the world is changing and technology is evolving, we are not always the winners.

Interestingly, however, many have noticed that a few of the concepts covered in Black Mirror have started to manifest in reality. This is astonishing, not only given the content of Black Mirror, but also because Black Mirror is often not flattering in how it makes it’s points. Is art becoming reality, or is Black Mirror simply especially good at foreseeing how social situations will evolve?

What Does Black Mirror Discuss?

Unlike many other current popular television series, Black Mirror is not an on-going story. Instead, each episode offers a single story in a 1 hour format. This is perhaps the shows biggest strength, not only because it differentiates Black Mirror, but also because it allows the writers to create tight, well told stories, without the burden of having to follow an overarching narrative.

The basis of the subject matter itself is in providing a grim, sometimes comedic, but always biting look, at our society. Episode 1 of season 3, titled Nosedive, shows a future in which society is based around a real time status meter. In this episode, people have status counters, controlled by those around them. The episode is a clear parody of social media platforms, such as Facebook.

So what’s the interesting part? Only that real time like counters of this kind are currently gaining popularity in the real world.

Facebook Likes In Real Time

Black Mirror introduced the idea of real-time status counters as a way to make a point about social media. Which is to say; many in the real world are so wrapped up in their status on Facebook, that they tend to take it way too seriously. So, if the idea of status on Facebook were expanded, the world would seem much like the one in the Black Mirror episode.

And yes, real-time Facebook like counters now exist. Many popular companies have taken to having a counter installed in their lobbies, which tick over as their Facebook page is liked. It’s not quiet an exact recreation of the Black Mirror episode, but not so far off either. Except, in China the idea is being taken even further. It was recently suggest that Chinese citizens may soon be getting rated, in real-time, on their behaviour in public. Bizarre, and a great deal closer to the Black Mirror episode.

Other Predictions

And this isn’t the only prediction Black Mirror has got right. In the episode entitled Crocodile, the story was based around an automatic pizza delivery vehicle, which just so happens to be coming true. Pizza Hit has announced they are working on automated delivery vans, due to get rolling in 2020.

In the episode Hated in the Nation, the focus was on small, mechanical bees. And, you guessed it, such mechanical bees are also in development at Harvard, right now. The dying bee population has caused major concern globally, and scientists are not trying to create synthetic versions of these little creatures to ensure that should real bees die out, there is an alternative waiting in the wings.

In the episode Be Right Back a technology allows a woman to recreate parts of her boyfriend using technology, and, although it’s not really the same thing, this technology is likewise in development. Although, in our reality this will be done in a far less convincing way, it need not be said.

Either way, it seems Black Mirror is eerily accurate and getting predictions right, even if not always dead on, and fans of the show may well start to notice more real world parallels now that they are aware of this phenomenon! uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details