The Film Itself - Not a Casino in Sight!

Published By Mia Gardner : 27 Jan 2016 | Last Updated: 24 Dec 2020

Casino Jack is a 2010 film that sadly isn't set in the burgeoning casino industry as the name might suggest, but is actually a political satire. It focuses on Jack Abramoff, the American lobbyist and businessman who was central to a huge corruption scandal that lead to a series of White House convictions for conspiracy, fraud and tax evasion - along with the trading of favours in return for political gains. The film earned its star, Kevin Spacey, a Golden Globe nomination for his role as Abramoff in Casino Jack, which received mixed reviews upon its release.

Meanwhile, Back in the Real Casinos

Participation is continuing to grow in the casino industry, with much of the new and first-time activity taking place online. This is an interesting trend which reflects the increasing amount of leisure and internet time available to people, the rise in online connectivity and also a greater interest in gaming as a whole.

The internet has also been a game changer for gambling, as online websites offer the advantage of 'free play' games as well as real-money games in which players can win significant amounts. This opens up the  casino industry to a large new contingent of social players who enjoy pitting their wits against tricky new games and old favourites, as well as having a flutter on the tables or having some fun with the virtual slots.

Secure and Safe Casinos

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