Bonus Day At The Polls For Casino Industry

Published By Mia Gardner : 05 Nov 2020 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

Winning big at the voters’ polls in this year’s elections is the U.S. casino and sports betting industry – with voters having approved the legalisation of sports betting in three more states. Overall, three more states have now legalised sport betting, and three more have either approved casino gambling or expanded on existing legislation.

The three states to have newly joined the legalised sports betting industry are South Dakota, Maryland, and Louisiana. What this effectively means for the country and for the industry, is that by the end of 2021, at least half the country would have legalised betting on professional and amateur sports.

Boon For Casinos Too

In terms of the expansion of casino gaming, Nebraska has authorised the instalment of slots at the state’s horse racing tracks, Colorado has significantly expanded both the number and the types of games permitted to be offered by the state’s existing casinos and gaming venues, and Virginia has approved four locations for casino gambling.

What the latest results at the polls clearly indicate, says University of Las Vegas gambling historian David Schwartz, is that Americans are becoming more comfortable than ever before with legalised and regulated gambling, sports betting, and casino games of chance. Voters now appear to have reached a point of feeling both comfortable with gambling as well as confident that regulated gambling may very well bring about positive returns for their state and region.

More Money – More Jobs

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has in the meantime lauded the expansion votes, saying that now that 6 more states have embraced legalised gambling and sports betting in exciting new ways, more Americans will soon gain access to jobs. This, said the AGA, will afford supporting Americans the opportunity of being in a position to engage with regulated casino and betting opportunities much closer to home than before. An anticipated increase in tax revenue too, said the association, will be for the benefit of everyone.

Industry giant Caesars Entertainment has issued a statement thanking American voters for the confidence exhumed in the industry at the polls – and in particularly Virginia voters who had voted in favour of casino gambling in Danville.

Locals now get to look forward to 1,300 “good-paying jobs”, economic development, as well as tourism support, said Caesars Entertainment CEO Tom Reeg. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details