Celebrity Professionals Caught Cheating

Published By Mia Gardner : 29 Mar 2018 | Last Updated: 24 Dec 2020

Cheating is something that only happens when you and your friends are playing Monopoly at home, right? And everyone normally laughs about it, given that Monopoly isn’t exactly something taken seriously between friends. Cheating never happens in the sporting or professional world, especially not considering how carefully major events are regulated. And, a celebrity athlete would never consider destroying their reputation by even thinking of cheating, would they?

It turns out that major celebrity figures have been caught cheating on a number of occasions. And not only have they been caught, their reputations have been shattered in the process, leaving them, and everyone who ever supported them, red faced. It’s tragic, but also so shocking that many can’t help but to simply laugh about it! Even the Australian cricket team is currently caught up in a cheating scandal that may see them lose all credibility, so we’ve rounded up other cheating scandals to give you a taste of whose tried their luck and got caught out.

Rosie Ruiz

Perhaps one of the most well known cheaters of all time is Rosie Ruiz. Is she so well remembered because she cheated in a most devious fashion, took an excessive amount or drugs, or perhaps wore some performance enhancing shoes? The exact opposite. Rosie cheated to win the Boston Marathon in 1980 in a way so silly you can’t help but help wonder how she thought she might get away with it.

Rosie simply left the official run route, took a cab, and re-joined the race further down the line to cross the finish line first. That she didn’t think no one would notice she hadn’t been present half the race is laughable, for all the wrong reasons.

Lance Armstrong

A less funny cheater, since he was so highly acc

laimed for his many impressive achievements, and since so many were devastated when it was revealed he was doping, we have Lance Armstrong. The world let out a collective gasp when the official announcement was made, and Armstrong had to hand back his numerous medals and was publicly shamed on almost every platform.

Boris Onischenko

Boris Onischenko has to be respected for the lengths at which he was willing to go in order to cheat. As far as cheating is concerned, he really committed to it whole-heartedly. The soviet Olympic fencer rigged the lighting system that indicates a “clean hit,” the scoring system used in fencing, to go off manually, meaning that he could grant himself a point whenever he felt like it. He was busted, of course, and fencing fans everywhere could only groan in dismay. How could he have thought he wouldn’t get caught?

Phil Ivey

If you love playing casino games you’ll know just how thrilling a big win can be. Professional card player Phil Ivey clearly loves the thrill of a big win, but when he won $10 million in Crockfords Club in London, it was revealed that he cheated, using a method called edge sorting. For those unfamiliar with cheating at cards, that’s learning how to spot cards in the deck via imperfections. Not only was the money withheld from Ivey, he lost a court case to claim his ‘winnings’ and he is now also denied entry into many casinos.

Tonya Harding

And the worst for last, we have Tonya Harding. What makes her stand apart is not that she cheated, but how she did it. As a figure skater Tonya’s biggest threat was rival skater Nancy Kerrigan. So, thinking quickly, Tonya hired a thug to break Nancy’s leg the night before the Figure Skating Championships. To this day she denies being in on the plan, and blames her husband, but the stigma has stayed with her ever since, and very few believe that she didn’t resort to dirty tactics to get to the top.


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