GVC Sheds Light On ‘Changing For The Bettor’

Published By Mia Gardner : 30 Jan 2019 | Last Updated: 24 Dec 2020

The obligation to be socially responsible resides with us all. In the gambling industry in particular, this is very much a part of what is necessary for the industry to be sustainable and function in a healthy and balanced way. GVC Holdings, owner of big brands such as Ladbrokes Coral and Partypoker, recently reaffirmed its commitment to the cause when it launched its Changing for the Bettor campaign.

The campaign will align itself with problem betting research, and will do so in partnership with Harvard’s Medical School. GVC has donated $5 million to the institution so that more intense research may be conducted to help find more ways of identifying unhealthy gambling habits. The hope is that by getting to the root of the problem, as well as identifying it early on in the broader player dynamic, better help will be made available to gamblers experiencing problems with addiction and more, and also much sooner.

Pillars Of The Campaign

The Changing for the Bettor campaign will consist of 6 pillars in total, all of which will be rolled out during the course of 2019. The initial three have been confirmed to be:


Pushing Responsible Gambling

GVC Holdings’ CEO, Kevin Alexander, said that the group’s involvement with the research project, as well as the careful work that had gone into the formulation of the campaign, clearly indicates a definite shift in the market when it comes to the general attitude towards responsible gambling practices and social responsibility.

Alexander said that for the brand in particular, the aim is to become a pillar of responsibility and to become the most trusted operator in the world. He said that the hope was that other operators would follow suit, so that the issues revolving around problem gambling would enjoy better understanding in general.

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