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Nevada Orders Casinos To Close For 30 Days

Mia Gardner | 26 Mar 2020

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has announced a state-wide shut-down of all businesses offering non-essential services or goods. What this means is that only hospitals, pharmacies, banks, gas stations and grocery stores will be permitted to continue trading. This obviously also means that all casinos in the state will be closed for the duration of the lockdown too. The closure will according to Sisolak’s earlier announcement last for a period of 30 days.

The governor was also quite clear regarding what constituted essential services and what not. Upon having been asked the question of whether non-casino gaming machines would form part of the lock-down too, Sisolak reacted by admonishing the industry to quite looking for some sort of a loophole. He then again repeated his earlier statement of all gaming devices located across the state having to cease all operations.

30 Days Of Staying Home

The current decision relates to an initial lockdown period of 30 days and the state has made it quite clear that it reserves its right to extend this period if and when necessary. Sisolak also during the time of the announcement said that he fully believed the announced measures to be fair and reasonable when viewed in the light of there being absolutely no vaccine or antidote for covid-19.

Even though the local casino industry employs at least 450,000 workers in the state, Sisolak spoke adamantly about the need to close up shop. He said that any business bringing groups of people together had no place remaining open and trading during the declared lockdown period.

Some Closed Some Time Ago

There are currently at least 109 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Nevada. This, coupled with the fact that the state bore witness to its first covid-19 death at the beginning of last week, makes it all the more understandable why it is that the nation is moving into complete self-isolation.

Most operators have already closed up shop in any event, and these include MGM Resorts, Wynn and Las Vegas Sands. A few did however opt to implement social distancing and attempt to stay open but those operators too, will now have no other choice but to embrace the state-wide hiatus.

New Jersey and Pennsylvania will in the meantime be in the fortunate position of making the most out of their respective regulated online casino activities.

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