Evolution Gaming Celebrates 2019 Results

Published By Mia Gardner : 14 Feb 2020 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

Evolution Gaming recently posted its state of financial affairs for the year 2019, and can now proudly confirm a 49% year-on-year total revenue improvement when compared with the figures for the previous year. The live casino specialist has following the publication of the good news said that it firmly believed that the massive increase was mainly driven by commission earnings generated by new as well as existing business.

But more than commission, additional business as result of new customers having signed up for live casino products served as a massive driver for growth and impacted revenue results too.

Europe Beat ‘Em All

Geographically speaking, Europe proved somewhat of a giant income generator for Evolution Gaming. Revenue generated by the brand’s Europe-based customers amounted to somewhere in the region of €184.3 million for the 2019 book year. The UK came in second at €49.9 million and Asia short on the UK’s heels with €49.6 million in revenue generated over the course of the 12 months.

More good news is that whilst North America is deemed a fairly new and untapped market for the live casino specialist, major growth could be seen here too. €22 million proved a charm for North American regions and Evolution Gaming for 2019.

Evolution Gaming for the most part managed to off-set income and spending in a rather balanced way. Total operating expenses for the year came to roughly €208.3 million, which marks a slight increase in terms of the €155.9 million reported for 2018. According to the brand, the increase can be put down rising personnel costs and a general higher spending on staff across the board.

Profits Despite Expenses

The really good news is that 2019 was to Evolution Gaming the variety of year that would not only make the profits and revenue jump, but also one to have proved itself totally capable of posting impressive profits despite an increase in costs of operation.

The company remains the leading developer in the field of live casino games. And judging by current revenue figures and future projections, this isn’t about to change; or at least not anytime soon. And all of this despite a keen new global interest in the world of live casino offerings by so many other developers across the board. First-in most definitely served Evolution Gaming in only the best possible way.

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