Legal Online Casino Canada Support App Grows

Published By Mia Gardner : 21 Apr 2021 | Last Updated: 13 May 2021

Many legal online casino Canada users, including those that visit River Belle Casino, already know about the Gambless app, lauded for providing anonymous, remote support for those that suffer from problem gambling. The innovative software was already a welcome addition to the online casino Canada world but has taken steps to be even more useful. In a recent announcement, a Gambless spokesperson declared that not only have new languages been provided to the app, but that official certification has also been given by ORCHA.

In regard to the language expansion, Gambless now officially supports Spanish and Japanese, drastically increasing international reach. Legal online casino Canada enthusiasts, including River Belle Casino users, have praised the move, acknowledging that foreign users would now also be able to get the assistance they might need.

Official Approval

ORCHA is a widely respected digital health evaluation organisation, recognised by a total of 11 countries around the world, including the United Kingdom. Additionally, the organisation is officially supported by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS.) In giving their approval, the organisation evaluates software based on 350 factors, including data privacy, clinical assurance, and a host of strict user-friendly standards.

That ORCHA has given Gambless a nod of approval is a big honour, according to a spokesperson for the app’s developer. The spokesperson elaborated that ORCHA approval is a big achievement and acts as important confirmation of the software’s worthiness.

Naturally, legal online casino Canada players will also be pleased to hear about this development and will certainly take it is a sign that the app is an effective form of support, should that support be needed at any time.

Please To Have Been Recognised

Speaking for the developers was CEO Maurizio Savino, who elaborated on the developments. He stressed that it was extremely important to have been given certification but pointed out that he and his team had already been confident about the app’s usefulness.

He went on to explain that the software was created by a team of psychologists and was specifically designed to help those who suffered from problem gambling not just overcome their urges, but also understand why those urges existed in the first place. He concluded by stating that, now with a total of 5 languages are supported, Gambless was available to 1.2 billion around the world, and to legal online casino Canada iGaming enthusiasts at River Belle Casino. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details