Demand for Game Payment Tech App in Casino Industry

Published By Mia Gardner : 15 Jun 2020 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

The Game Payment Technology app that offers cashless transactions for the casino industry has seen a huge increase in demand. The brand says that since the launch of their app, orders have been rolling in at an unprecedented pace, with over 300 companies already expressing their interest in the app as of the beginning of June, with new orders added to their book on a daily basis.

Focus on Cashless Technology

This recent surge heralds an 800% increase in orders when compared to the period before the 28th of May 2020. The Game Payment Technology app’s ability to provide a cashless solution to the casino industry is something that is urgently needed by gambling operators the world over. 

Along with offering trouble free cashless gaming, the Game Payment Technology app also offers an age verification solution to ensure responsible play. As the app transitions from a concept into reality, Game Payment’s technology is quickly becoming an industry standard. The app recently signed a major agreement with a tier one bank in the United Kingdom, leading to a successful pilot programme for the app. This combined to bolster the app’s credentials within the casino industry. 

Gambling companies around the world are also now seeing an urgent need to provide cashless services in the wake of the ongoing health crisis as social distancing protocols are put in place by various sectors. This enabled the creators of the app the ability to immediately rise to power within the industry.

Despite the high demand, the creators of the Game Payment Technology app remain confident that they can meet the demand and increase their production levels to supply pubs and casino operators with their orders as governments begin to open up economies.

Launched at ICE London 2020

The Game Payment Technology app is the result of a joint project by the Polar Moment and Bacta. The cashless technology payment app was only launched on the international market at this year’s ICE London event. Since its appearance at ICE London, the app received interest from casino organisations around the world, from Spain to Holland, France to the United States, with the app’s technology easily adaptable across a range of jurisdictions and regulatory frameworks.

The app’s endorsement by one of the top three UK acquirers represents the very first deal between a cashless gaming app and a Tier 1 bank in the country. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details