New Slingo Monopoly Game Coming Soon

Published By Mia Gardner : 15 Jan 2019 | Last Updated: 28 Dec 2020

Anyone involved in any form of games development will tell you; there’s nothing quite like brand power. Which is what makes it so remarkable when a new brand is established with success. But the brand we’re about to report on is one of the oldest and best-known brands in the world. We’re referring of course, to Monopoly.

The lucky recipient of the rights to develop a Slingo Monopoly game is none other than London-listed games developers, Gaming Realms. It’s all thanks to a content creation agreement signed with SG Digital. The game will, upon completion during early 2019, be launched across the content supplier’s B2B and B2C channels and Slingo Monopoly is expected to take the gaming world by storm.

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Much More Than A Board Game

Gaming Realms Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Southon, is no stranger to the unbeatable growth potential locked up in any age-old, well-known brand, especially not one as popular and established as Monopoly. He spoke excitedly about the new project, and emphasised that fact that the company was elated to have been entrusted with the project as well as having been granted the opportunity of being able to make a worthy contribution to the famous game that started out as an old-school board game.

Today, Monopoly is much more than just a board game. Many spin-off products have seen the light, and many Monopoly-related entertainment products tend to be even more successful than the old game itself. It really has gone from humble beginnings to immense success.

SG Digital Honoured By Partnership

Southon said that the company was now fully focused on the development of the new Slingo Monopoly game and expected to make a specific announcement regarding its official release date very early in the new year. According to chief in charge, the new game will be launched worldwide.

Tom Wood, Chief Creative Officer at SG Digital, was every bit as excited about the new development when the news of the new game first broke. He too, referred to the timeless elements locked up in the game of Monopoly. Wood said that working with Gaming Realms was the best element of the entire creative process by far. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details