GTA CEO Steps Down After 17 Years

Published By Mia Gardner : 06 Sep 2018 | Last Updated: 24 Dec 2020

It’s not often that one encounters a CEO that has been driving company growth for all of 17 years, especially not in the gaming and entertainment industry. The industry’s dynamic is of such a rapidly-evolving nature, that most chiefs in charge only last between 5 and 7 years, after which they either elect to, or are asked to, move on. The official reason provided is generally that of the company needing a fresh approach, or in the unadulterated term so often used, fresh blood.

One man has however managed to stick to his guns in a most refreshing manner. Ross Ferrar, Chief Executive Officer of Gaming Technologies Association (GTA), is confirmed to be stepping down from his post after 17 years of strong and solid leadership. The company made the announcement last Friday, and also confirmed that Chris Muir, who has been involved in company ranks since June of last year, will be attempting to fill Ferrar’s shoes.

Ferrar Commended For Service

Gaming Technologies Association is a trade company working for and representing gaming machine suppliers in Australia. In addition to this, GTA is perhaps best known for being the founder-organiser of the annual Sydney-based Australasian Gaming Expo, which is currently in its 29th year of operation.

Chairman Adrian Halpenny congratulated and commended Ferrar on 17 years of selfless service to the Association, and said that the former CEO was a steadfast and keen advocate for the Association as well as to its many members. Halpenny issued a formal statement, assuring the industry that going forward, the Association planned to keep up the good work of being a voice of reason in favour of poker machines, as well as their role as a legitimate form of entertainment enjoyed by many Australians.

Muir A Worthy Replacement

Muir holds a solid record as far as major leadership roles are concerned. He has held several prominent leadership roles in government ranks in New South Wales, as well as in federal government. In addition to having been the chief of staff to several ministers during his time at the government of New South Wakes, Muir was also employed as a senior official with the Australasian Transaction Reports and Analysis Center.

Halpenny said that he believed that Muir was the best possible choice as far as following in the footsteps of Ferrar was concerned and that he (Halpenny) looked forward to partnering with Muir to continue to represent the interests of the Association’s members. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details