ICE London Surpasses The Big 600-Mark

Published By Mia Gardner : 24 Jan 2019 | Last Updated: 24 Dec 2020

Who will ever forget ICE London’s inaugural event back in 2012. Back then it seemed like a dream come true: 300 world-class exhibitors all together under one roof. Looking back now, and considering the fact that this year’s expo will play host to more than 600 exhibitors from all over the world, 2012 was actually small fry in comparison.

This year, a total of 612 brand representatives will be decorating the halls and passageways of Excel London. 38 of the venue’s 44 halls have already been booked out by the organisers of the event; definitely not an every-day occurrence for the well-loved location, despite its unrivalled popularity.

Exhibitors Make The Expo

Managing Director of Clarion Gaming, Kate Chambers, puts ICE London’s unbridled success down to the event organisers having had their priorities straight from the get-go. Chambers said that over the years, the focus had remained on attracting only the best possible exhibitors offering the best possible products and services, to the now world-acclaimed expo.

This proved to be a recipe for big-time success because, as Chambers points out, the quality of the exhibitors and their goods and services, has a direct impact on the visitor numbers. And so, each passing year determines the success of the next.

Now if that isn’t the perfect definition of a growth strategy, then we don’t know what is!

Bigger And Better Every Year

As the conference grew, so did the floor space. And really, it stands to good reason that it would have had to, so that more visitors could be accommodated. What started out as a total floor space of 43,500m² has now expanded into a 45,000m² floor space.

Gaming conferences such as ICE London are irreplaceable in the greater scheme of things. Expo’s offer valuable opportunities for everything from networking to exposure to head-on advertising. Customers – operators and players alike – often relate how they had come across a specific game or tool or product for the very first time at an ICE event. Not only does this drive the casino business ever forward, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity for operators to get up to speed with regards to regulatory changes in the global iGaming industry.

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