Konami Publishes Final Q2 Financial Report

Published By Mia Gardner : 15 Nov 2018 | Last Updated: 24 Dec 2020

In the latest international iGaming news, Japanese gaming conglomerate Konami has just released its final financial results for the 2nd quarter. Although the results are not thrilling and have remained in line with the previous years report, the company’s gaming and systems division has dragged the company’s overall performance up a few notches.

Q2 Report Details

The second quarter's final report shows the company revenue year on year for the same period in 2017 remains much the same. The company experienced a meagre 1.2% increase, bringing its revenue overall to approximately $113.1 million, however, the games and systems division has declared a profit increase of 28.4%.

The division's increase equates to $14.07 million and the company has credited its response to the constantly evolving market for its success.

Specifically, the company stated in a press release that it expanded its cabinet presence in the North American, Asian and Oceanic markets with its ConcertoTM series, including the Crescent and Stack cabinets. It also mentioned its Fortune Cup products, a horserace betting station, which features a mechanical racetrack. This product builds on the brand’s expertise and the technology it has developed through its amusement games department.

In addition, the unit increased its gaming content with casino operators such as Cenerto, Smash Festival as well as new game Strike Zone. Strike Zone offers increased credit bonuses, wheel bonuses and higher odds of hitting jackpots.

Konami also listed the steady growth in the installation of its casino management system Synkros on overseas cruise ships.

Dividend Payments Announced

The company announced its dividends, which will be paid to shareholders at $0.54 per share, which includes a $0.22 grant. The grant is in celebration of the company’s 50th anniversary.

About Konami and Its Year Ahead

 Kagemasa Kozuki established Konami in 1973. Today, Kozuki still holds the position of company CEO and chairman of the board. Originally a jukebox repair company today, they have 21 subsidiary companies and operate in several market segments.

Moving into 2019, in keeping with industry trends, Konami will be focusing on it video game based titles aimed at attracting a younger customer base. Its games such as Beat Square a music-based game that displays a player’s level of skill are already hugely popular.

The gaming market will continue to experience worldwide growth with new resorts and casinos opening in new destinations, and this brand is eager to capitalise wherever it can.

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