Evolution Gaming Casino Games in Huge Demand

Published By Mia Gardner : 24 Mar 2020 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

The world is still grappling with the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, and the resulting multi-layered chaos has been substantial. Naturally, many businesses are feeling the pressure, including casinos. But, against all expectation, one company that has reported continuing strong demand is iGaming development studio Evolution Gaming.

Evolution Gaming is known for their specialisation in Live Dealer casino software, with a number of their titles being in high demand amongst online players. But many assumed that, as with most other companies, demand for the software would suffer, given the virus outbreak continuing to throw the world into disarray.

However, according to a spokesman, Evolution Gaming has not felt any substantial disturbances. In fact; a report has revealed that demand has substantially increased.

Business On The Rise

The spokesman elaborated that there are a few reasons for the increase in Live Dealer casino game demand, but the most prominent was the recent cancellation of major sporting events. Since sports fans have had little to occupy themselves with, the spokesman explained, they have instead turned to casino games, and specifically those that offer live interactive experiences with dealers.

But just because business is booming, it doesn’t mean the studio has been taking the situation lightly. Chief executive Martin Carlesund offered a few comments, pointing out that every precaution has been taken at Evolution Gaming casino facilities. He stressed that precautionary measures are in place ensuring the safety of employees, including a strong focus on overall hygiene. Carlesund declared that employee safety will always be the number one priority, regardless of other business related factors.

The Numbers

A closer look at the Evolution Gaming report reveals that indeed; business is booming for the software provider. The 12 month period ending on 31st December, 2019, came to a grand total of €365.8 million. This is a stunning 49% increase for the same period of the previous year, which is certainly a number that speaks for itself.

Meanwhile, other iGaming focused casino companies have been releasing reports of their own, though not all are as positive as Evolution Gaming. Developer Iforium have stated that their employees have been sent to work from home, with virus concerns outweighing the need to have office doors open. Though despite the remote working situation, the studio have stressed that they will be open for business until further notice.

 As the COVID-19 situation continues to play out, it seems that no one will be spared the impact of this globally spanning pandemic.

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