Cosmopolitan Casino Apologises To Meek Mill

Published By Mia Gardner : 11 Jun 2019 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

Hip Hop star Meek Mill was recently turned away at the door after arriving at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. He was there to attend a show by the famed DJ Mustard, but security personnel halted him and 2 members of his security team before they could even exit their vehicle.

Video footage that has surfaced shows a Cosmopolitan employee telling Meek Mill that his business was being refused due to information they had on him, and that the establishment had every right to refuse service. The rapper, whose full name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, was noticeably surprised at this news, and he asked the employee to elaborate.

Later, social media would see the story unfold as Meek Mill took to Instagram to air his views on the incident. He accused the casino of extreme racism.

A Blunder? Or Something More?

The hotel defended their position, denying that any form of racism existed whatsoever in their establishments, and they reiterated that the move had been purely a security decision. What that decision had been based on was not divulged, however they later added that their Marquee Dayclub, the venue Meek Mill was on his way to, had been at capacity on the night the musician had been denied entry. On the video footage, however, there is no evidence of employees of Cosmopolitan or the Marquee Dayclub telling Meek Mill that they were at capacity.

In the week that followed, Meek Mill took to Twitter in an apparent attempt to account for the embarrassing confrontation. He said he had only stepped into that hotel once before, in 2014, at a Jay-Z party when he had accompanied fellow rapper Nicki Minaj, and he felt the ban was a blanket ban put on black rappers, and was racial in nature. Meek Mill’s lawyer followed this up with a letter to the Cosmopolitan, reminding them that discrimination of a racial nature was a violation of both state and federal laws. He added that there could be a risk to the casino of suffering extreme monetary damages.

In an unprecedented move, Cosmopolitan published an apology to Mr Mill on Friday on Twitter. The venue admitted that they had not acted in a respectful manner to Meek Mill and they were wrong. They also added that there were no prior incidents involving Meek Mill on their property.

No Further Legal Action

Social media has ensured the blunder has played out in the public eye, and the rapper is seemingly happy to accept the hotel and gaming venue’s apology. Sources close to him have confirmed that Meek Mill appreciates the Cosmopolitan’s apology, although he has not responded directly to the Tweet. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details