Microgaming To Close Bingo Network

Published By Mia Gardner : 01 Apr 2020 | Last Updated: 13 May 2021

It seems like a time of major change for iGaming developer Microgaming. It was not long ago that the company confirmed the closure of its Poker network, with an official statement declaring that focus was shifting instead to the development of online casino content. But that focus shift has now had another causality, with the studio’s Bingo network also officially coming to an end.

Though it certainly doesn’t mean that the developer is struggling. Instead, there has been a noticeable effort by Microgaming to aggressively seek partnerships with other studios, most recently with Alchemy Gaming and PearFiction. This vast, still expanding network has dramatically increased the output of a diverse range of online casino content, so much so that barely a few days goes by without another wave of new releases.

So although some networks are being halted, there is still a major output of quality titles from this rapidly expanding developer.

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Bingo No Longer Viable

But some will still certainly be sad to see the end of the Bingo era. A company spokesperson, however, put the situation into clearer perspective. It was explained that the network had simply stopped being viable, and had long been struggling to survive in a rapidly evolving landscape. A new managing director of Bingo had even been assigned, highly qualified Leon Thomas, in an effort to pull the network back from the brink.

But the efforts proved fruitless, and hence, after an extensive period of additional research, the decision had been made to gradually close all related operations permanently.

Though of course, the spokesperson assured, all operators had been informed of the decision, and every step was being taken in order to minimise disruption to usual online casino services.

A Bright Future

After the failing Bingo network has been fully shuttered, Leon Thomas will be assigned to a new role within Microgaming. His exceptional strategies, although not being enough in the case of the ailing Bingo network, will be applied more broadly to other online casino content, where they are more likely to see long term positive results.

 So it is officially the end of an interesting era of Microgaming. But the company as a whole has never looked stronger, with partnerships continuing to mount up, and a new barrage of outstanding content being provided to operators. If anything, the new era looks to be significantly brighter than the one that came before.

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