New Prima Poker Platform From Microgaming

Published By Mia Gardner : 30 Jul 2018 | Last Updated: 22 Dec 2020

Ever on the lookout for new ways to offer a better and more player-focused experience to its customers, Microgaming has launched its new Prima Poker software to the general public. The betting giant has said that the aim is to make the entire experience a more player-focused one. Many improvements have been applied to the interface and range of in-game services, including a rewards system that has been streamlined, a more user-friendly interface and a payment system that runs on the blind cash model.

Player safety is also at the order of the day, with players being able to access their entire gaming history within the operations of the programme. Players may opt to view their total spend, total profits, and total losses at the click of a button. This process too, has been streamlined in order to make it easier for players to apply responsible gaming practices.

Player-Focused Gaming

Microgaming’s recently appointed Chief Commercial Officer, Jean-Luc Ferreire, has said that Microgaming’s Poker network has entered an exciting and brand-new era, with many changes and vital improvements having been effected and with many more still in the pipeline.

Ferreire said that the development of Prima was centred on the company’s intent to provide a more intuitive player interaction platform, making the overall gaming experience, and not just selected elements, a better one for everyone.

The Prima Poker software has already been rolled out by the developer, and players will have full access as from July the 31st.

Part of a Long Term Projet[

The head of Microgaming’s games network product, Alex Scott, has said that the implementation of Prima is the culmination of much planning and strategizing, and forms part of a long-term project in order to create a more effective and more interactive player platform in a highly competitive Poker market. Scott said that the aim is on absolute revitalisation and getting a couple of steps ahead of the competition. He concluded by commending the team at Microgaming for their work and commitment to the project as well as to the company in general, and said that he was proud of what the team had managed to achieve.

The launch of Prima follows a reshuffling of Microgaming’s internal systems, including the establishment of the investment-based Apricot, as well as the appointment of John Coleman as the company’s new Chief in charge. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details