Microgaming’s Poker Network To Close in 2020

Published By Mia Gardner : 03 Dec 2019 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

Microgaming recently announced plans to shut its Poker Network operations down in 2020. They have since made the exact date public, confirming that the closure will be in effect as of May 19 next year.

The MPN stands as one of the longest running, most popular, and most respected operations in the world and the exact reasons for its discontinuation is not yet known. The company has simply indicated that it no longer fits in with their online growth strategy for Poker. The announcement of the date was made via a tweet from the @ThrillOfPoker handle.

Possible Reasons for the Termination

This news was shocking to Poker fans that regularly use the MPN, and the main question is why this is happening.

Chief Executive Officer for Microgaming John Coleman released a statement on the company’s website on September 20th, saying that this network model no longer fits in with his firm’s strategic vision for the game. He added that they felt that this is the right time to be making the announcement, as the company will be focussing on redistributing key personnel and resources across the business.

The statement reveals that Microgaming is simply not interested in keeping the network alive any longer. They’ve done an analysis of the market and their strategy has revealed that the resources available to them could be used far better in other areas.

But some naysayers are referencing rumours that tell a totally different story. They’re saying that the reason behind this sudden shutdown is the problem the platform has been having with bots for some time now.

This gossip was sparked by an announcement recently made by officials of the Microgaming Poker Network that revealed statistics about the activity of automated accounts on the MPN. According to the information divulged in this statement, a large bot ring was busted in August last year and several months after that.

What Does the Future Hold?

Microgaming’s officials have made it clear that this upcoming closure is by no means devastating for them, and also that they have no plans to disappear from this online market completely. On the contrary, there are apparently plans afoot for the provider to strengthen its position by creating and investing in new products. These will be those that are more in line with current estimates as to the direction that the industry is presently heading in.

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