New Community Jackpot Product From NetEnt

Published By Mia Gardner : 07 Feb 2020 | Last Updated: 30 Mar 2020

There’s a new jackpot product about to hit the market from NetEnt. The online casino software provider from Sweden has just announced that their Starburst PowerPots Community Jackpot System will be available for use by operators in the very near future. The exact launch date of the product is unknown. However, it does look like it could be a game changer for the developer’s clients.

Bryan Upton, director of games for NetEnt, commented that this new addition to their portfolio is definitely going to boost player engagement for their operator clients. The system was designed to work with a wide range of different online casino games and platforms. The developers have also worked to ensure all aspects of the system live up to their high standards, from the winning mechanics to the visuals.

Creating A Sense Of Community

The new Starburst PowerPots Community Jackpot System will work by allowing players to work together to fill up the Powerpots progress bar. Once that is complete, the community jackpot is triggered, and each player that contributed will get their share of the winnings. The amount won by each player is determined by how much they contributed to the progress bar in the time frame.

This mechanism does two things; it creates a sense of community among the players as they get to continue playing their individual online casino games but are working together for a common goal. It also boosts player engagement as people will have to stay in the game if they want to win more of the pot each time it’s triggered.

Plenty Of Possible Configurations

NetEnt believes that this product will fit into the online casino portfolio offered by any of their operator clients. It combines the simple joy and excitement of individual play on a traditional slot with the sense of camaraderie that comes from playing in a multi-player game.

One of the key elements that makes NetEnt believe that this product will be so popular is the fact that it is highly customisable. Operators can set it up in so many different ways that the product will look different on each deployment. Firstly, the system can be skinned to match the branding of the operator’s website and the game being played. This way, it won’t feel like an add-on to the players.

Operators will also be able to choose how much the jackpot is going to be worth – anything from fast, fun wins to life-changing amounts is possible on the system. They can also select how much certain plays on the game are worth in terms of contributions. The system also provides multiple RTP configurations in set up, so its fully scalable. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details