Nevada Offering Casino Diversity Scholarship

Published By Mia Gardner : 24 Jun 2019 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

A scholarship has been announced that will grant a female executive access into one of the leading training programmes in the casino industry. This is the second scholarship of its kind specifically aimed at creating gender diversity in the casino industry. Three major players in the global casino world are coming together to make the scholarship a reality, and the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM), Clarion Gaming and the European Casino Association (ECA) are the brands behind the programme.

The scholarship will grant the receiver a place in the University of Nevada where they will be enrolled in the highly respected Executive Development Programme (EDP) of Reno. The programme has been running for the last 29 years, and was created in a collaborative effort between the International Gaming Institute at the University of Las Vegas (UNLV), and the University of Nevada. The University of Nevada is recognised as a leader in the field of business, with a focus on the gambling industry.

Expanding Leadership

Speaking for the UNLV was Bo Bernhard, the International Gaming Institute executive director. He went on record to say that both he and the university favour the initiative. He explained that the EDP was a key facility in developing leaders for the industry, and was likewise aimed at helping executives operate in an increasingly diverse landscape around the world.

He also went into detail about how the programme had evolved for 2019. Given that iGaming is becoming more of a focus in the gambling world, the EDP has been updated to take this into consideration, and help entrants be at the cutting edge of what drives the gambling world.

Current Chairman of the ECA Per Jaldung graduated from the EDP in 2010. Jaldung is also in favour of the scholarship, and has said that he is proud to offer the opportunity to a woman aspiring to be a new leader. 

An Exceptional Opportunity

The University of Nevada scholarship is a full education package. The receiver will have all expenses paid for, including accommodation, travel costs, and all fees related to the course itself. The overall value is in excess of $10,000. Judges from all three of the organising bodies decide the winner.

The judge representing AGEM is director of European operations Tracey Cohen. Also offering input is representative of ECA Pauline Boyer Martin, who graduated in 2018, and Clarion managing director Kate Chambers. Their final decision will spell a bright future for one lucky aspiring female leader. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details