New Age of the Gods Norse: Book Of Dwarves Slot

Published By Mia Gardner : 12 Nov 2020 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

The Age Of Gods slots series has been a major success for Playtech, having managed to earn a loyal fan base around the world. But the series, up until this point, has exclusively drawn inspiration from Greek mythology, showcasing the various iconic characters and monsters found within the genre. However, with their latest release the developer has now officially turned away from Greek source material, focusing instead on Norse culture. The game is titled Age of the Gods Norse: Book Of Dwarves.

As the name suggests, this title is firmly inspired by Dwarven lore, aiming to immerse players in everything that is so globally enjoyed about the mythical entities. From sprawling, magnificent cities, to brave, fearsome warriors, it can all be seen in the Age of the Gods Norse: Book Of Dwarves slot.

At its core, the game utilises 5 reels, 50 fixed paylines, and an RTP of 94.10%. The maximum possible payout is an impressive 10,000x.

Meet The Dwarves

In terms of graphics, Age of the Gods Norse: Book Of Dwarves is a feast for the eyes. The background depicts an enormous fantastical city, stretching out across the horizon, and even peaking up towards the sun. This is, of course, the city constructed by the Dwarven race, its magnificence far beyond the capabilities of mere humans.

Meanwhile, on the reel’s players get to meet the heroes of the slot, a group of fearsome fighters that have pledged to keep the city safe. Each character has been lovingly crafted by the Playtech art team, designed to appear as unique and lifelike as possible. One hero chooses to wear an animal skin as his helmet, clearly wanting to demonstrate how capable he is in a fight. Another wears a shining war helmet, equally as capable a fighter, but more sophisticated in his choice of attire.

It is all excellent in crafting a believable fantasy world, and a prime reason why Playtech are so respected in the iGaming world.

Major Slots Payout Potential

As far as special features are concerned, Age of the Gods Norse: Book Of Dwarves offers 2. The first is the Mega Symbol, which will appear on the reels during Free Spins. In order to trigger free spins, the Book of Dwarves Scatter must be matched a minimum of 3 times.

What most players are interested in, however, is Progressive Jackpot payout. Interestingly enough, the Jackpot does not need any special conditions to trigger. It can be awarded on any spin, and comes in 3 tiers, namely; Instant, Extra, and Ultimate. As would be expected, the Ultimate is where the major payouts can be found.

Age of the Gods Norse: Book Of Dwarves is out now, and fans of fantasy themed slots are sure to love all it has to offer, whether played on desktop or mobile. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details