ELK Unveil Psychedelic New Dreamzone Slot

Published By Mia Gardner : 30 Jun 2020 | Last Updated: 25 Jun 2021

Welcome to a world of bright colours, intriguing gemstones and massive potential payouts. This is the world of Dreamzone, a new slot recently released by ELK Studios. It isn’t, first and foremost, what could be called a usual game, bucking conventions in almost every regard. Things like storytelling and interesting characters have been tossed aside, embracing instead what most players really care about; an engaging visual experience and massive potential payouts.

At its core, Dreamzone utilises 6 reels, has a 96.00% RTP, and is rated as medium/high volatility. The minimum bet is 0.20, and maximum bet 100 coins per spin. The biggest maximum payout is 2,500x the original bet, which, with an easy bit of maths, will reveal that a massive jackpot of $250,000 is possible for the lucky few.

In regard to paylines, there aren’t any! ELK Studios used the fairly new Cluster Pays system, which, when combined with Cascading Reels, offers a truly unique slots experience.

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A Galaxy Of Wonder

The visuals in Dreamzone are a feast for the eyes, offering up a brilliant display of lights and colours that never seem to stop changing. Each of the symbols is a coloured gemstone, with a background that can best be described as a geometrically infused void. Stars and patterns flash as matches are created, and dazzling special effects mark each major win with a cascade of sparks. It can all be referred to as a psychedelic trip, and certainly a breath of fresh air for players who simply want to focus on the game.

As already said, in Dreamzone the Cluster Pays system is utilised. This means that matching symbols simply have to sit beside one another, and a match is triggered. A minimum of 3 symbols are required for the lowest paying match. Of course, with Cascading Reels also being in play, symbols that match explode, allowing new symbols to fall in and occupy the empty space. This allows for potential chain wins, which are where the biggest slots payouts can be found.

Free Spins And Features

Dreamzone has a veritable truckload of special features, all of which go towards making this an enormously entertaining slots game. When a match is created, a modifier may be collected, which will automatically be used later in play. 5 Wilds may be added to the reels, low paying symbols may be changed to higher paying versions, a symbol may explode, removing extra surrounding symbols, and symbols may even be transformed into additional Scatters.

Lastly; the Free Drops system is where things are taken to the next level. If the grid is completely cleared of symbols in a big win, 3 Free Drops are triggered. If the grid is cleared again during Free Drops, the counter is reset, and a multiplier of 4x is added. This continues until all Free Drops are used, with the multiplier potentially going as high as a massive 512x.

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