Top Developers Team Up For Trillionaire Slot

Published By Mia Gardner : 04 Mar 2021 | Last Updated: 04 Mar 2021

When it comes to slot games, the sky is the limit as far as themes are concerned. So, it comes as no surprise that award winning iGaming developers NetEnt and Red Tiger Gaming have announced their latest creation to be the Trillionaire slot. For those unaware, the song I Want To Be A Trillionaire is featured on FashionTV, courtesy of the glamorous Anja J. She may not have thought that her music would be translated into a reel spinning adventure, but when it comes to iGaming, music is as good a theme as any.

This interesting partnership is all due to the FashionTV Gaming Group, the company responsible for handling licensing on behalf of FashionTV. It was back at ICE 2020 that the licensing company first became aware of the incredible range of NetEnt games, many of which are legendary in the industry. After seeing what the studio was capable of, no doubt the FashionTV Gaming Group signed them up to handle the project with all due haste.

The real question now is what exactly is the Trillionaire slot, and how will it compare to other slot games?

Luxury For All

According to NetEnt, the 5 reel Trillionaire slot is firmly based around the concepts of glitz, glamour, and beautiful supermodels. Players have a choice of 5 real FashionTV supermodels, which when chosen, act as Wilds on the reels. The biggest wins in the game, however, come from a bonus mini-game referred to as the Fashion Wheel.

The Fashion Wheel is triggered by a matching set of 3 Scatters, using a similar system to other slot game bonuses. Though, in this case there is an interesting twist. Upon the Fashion Wheel being activated, the player is awarded a number of spins. These spins may result in payouts, or may advance the player up the 4 integrated levels of the wheel.

Of course, the higher the level achieved, the bigger the payout potential.

Thrilled With The Results

COO at FashionTV Gaming Group, Shai Kaplun, made a statement regarding the release of the Trillionaire slot. He referred to the game as an immersive and unique gaming experience and declared simply that he is very pleased with the outcome. His conclusion was that he looked forward to advancing the FashionTV brand deeper into the iGaming world, and was thrilled about upcoming future prospects.

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