O.J. Simpson Threatens To Sue Casino

Published By Mia Gardner : 12 Jan 2018 | Last Updated: 28 Dec 2020

O.J. Simpson has apparently had enough of what he has described as malicious behaviour by casinos in order to portray him in a poor light and make a quick buck off of the media exposure.  According to a statement drafted by his lawyer, O.J. is planning to sue a Las Vegas casino for damages to the tune of $100 million after he was banned for life from entering the premises. 

O.J. Simpson’s legal representative has issued the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas with a warning. The warning stated that the casino should ensure all evidence is kept intact, as the vagabond was planning to litigate against the casino in a court of law.

Denial of Bad Behaviour

The incident leading up to O.J. having been kicked off the casino’s premises was one of rowdy behaviour, which the accused strongly denies.  According to Simpson he was never involved in any rowdy behaviour at the casino’s Clique bar.  Simpson is of the opinion that casino workers came up with a malicious plan to make money off of him by creating a false situation and then alerting the media by means of a tip-off.  Simpson accused the casino of racial prejudice.

The Cosmopolitan declined to comment on the incident or the possible litigation action against the casino group, due to what was cited as being company policy.

Simpson’s lawyer also claimed that the incident had the potential to have a serious and detrimental impact on his (Simpson’s) parole conditions. Simpson recently served out a nine-year sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping and was released from incarceration in October of last year.

Making Headlines for Wrong Reasons

O.J. Simpson really hit the headlines about 20 years ago when he was tried and subsequently acquitted for the murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman. The trial was famously known as the O.J. Simpson trial and was dubbed to be the trial of the century.

The former NFL superstar currently lives in Las Vegas, where he took residence shortly after having been released from a Nevada prison facility. Simpson’s living in Las Vegas is part of an approved residential plan that was predetermined and decided on between the star, prison and parole officials. As such, it’s not simply a matter of moving State for Simpson, which is probably why feeling unwanted in Las Vegas is getting under his skin to the extent that it has. Clearly he wouldn’t have had a problem if he had been sticking to online casinos.

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