Oryx Targets Online Casino Gamification

Published By Mia Gardner : 12 Feb 2020 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

Oryx Gaming, a subsidiary of the Bragg Gaming Group, have announced their intention of evolving online casino gamification. The company explained that their goal is to increase player engagement in ways never before seen, significantly extending the lifetime value of each and every customer.

The improvements and evolution is be achieved via a new, customisable online platform, Oryx Gaming CEO Matevz Mazij explained, a platform that is the result of major in-house research and development.

In particular, the new platform provides all the expected features for online casino games, including free spins systems, targeted promotional options, live tournaments, and of course leaderboards. But Oryx Gaming went one step further, introducing flexible technology that allowed operators to engage with customers, in real time, while play sessions were in progress.

Tailored Promotions

Mazij elaborated on the new features, providing further details on how the platform broke new ground. He explained that operators that used the new technology could provide responses to live online casino play as it occurs, creating tailored reactions to activity, in real time. This means that a promotional deal could be offered while the player is still actively engaged in a casino game.

In this fashion, Mazij pointed out, player engagement would be heightened beyond anything previously experienced, significantly improving customer retention, and the length of the average online casino play session.

Mazij concluded by stating that simply knowing a player is no longer enough, and that operators must now utilise data to actively engage them and keep them spinning.

Major Engagement Advances

The massive evolution in real time player engagement technology is achieved via a complex network of new systems. Namely, the Oryx data analytics branch, the Oryx Hub, and the gaming platform itself.

Data collection is now happening on a permanent basis, through the gaming platform itself, with rapid analysis done quickly and efficiently. Further data collection also occurs on the player account side of the operation, with additional third part support helping the process along.

The result is, according to Oryx Gaming, the online casino evolution that will usher the iGaming market into the future. Every casino game experience, back by the Oryx network, will be more engaging, more personalised, and more social than it has ever been. Players will notice the difference, and so too will operators that choose to take this next step into the future of the industry.

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