Pastor Robs Casino 3 Times In 3 Months

Published By Mia Gardner : 21 Nov 2017 | Last Updated: 24 Dec 2020

In some bizarre casino news, a previously unidentified man has been arrested and accused of attempting to rob the same Las Vegas-based casino three times in the space of just three months, according to Nevada news agencies. The man has now been identified as a pastor at a nearby Las Vegas church.

Pastor Gregory Bolusan was arrested on October 28 after police officers discovered that he had attempted to rob the M Resort Casino. Officers noted that Bolusan had made an attempted escape from the casino carrying $33,480 in stolen cash, but was quickly apprehended by the venue’s security staff before he could get away with his loot.

The pastor’s capture was aided by the fact that he had apparently used the same tactics to rob the M Resort Casino on two other occasions, even down to small details such as parking his getaway vehicle in the same spot, wearing the same attire, and using an identical backpack and gun during all three robberies.

Bolusan Makes Away With Thousands

According to a feature report from 13 Action News, Bolusan has now been accused of first attempting to rob the casino in August this year, when he entered the venue at around 3:54 am carrying a backpack and gun. The pastor also showed frustration when a cage employee fled the scene.

However, remaining undaunted, Bolusan returned to M Resort on September 10 at around 5:33 am, and it was on this occasion that he was allegedly successful in making away with $29,589 in stolen cash from the casino cage.

On his third and most recent attempt to rob the casino, Bolusan apparently used the exact same Toyota Camry 2010 model to arrive at the casino, parking at the same space in the venue’s parking lot. While being arrested, officers also noted that the gun Bolusan had intended to use during the heist was a fake weapon. The pastor was transported to the Henderson Detention Center on multiple counts of attempted burglary and robbery.

Church Unavailable For Comment

It has since been revealed that Bolusan acts as a Senior Pastor at a local Las Vegas church, with the Grace Bible Church Las Vegas’ website proclaiming that he was listed as one of their pastors up until November 3 this year. Bolusan’s biography on the Southern Highlands Parkway-based church detailed his work within the area.

The church at which the pastor formerly worked has not yet issued a statement on Bolusan’s arrest, and church congregation members have so far refused to speak to 13 Action News about the event. A date for the trial will be set soon and in a surprise twist of fate, it appears that his wife worked at the casino as a shift manager, so police will be bringing her in too. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details