Master Of Roulette Dies In Manila

Published By Mia Gardner : 15 Aug 2018 | Last Updated: 22 Dec 2020

Medical researcher Richard Jarecki was a man on a mission, achieving during his life-time something that many players have but aspired to do: cheat the system. He became infamous during the 1970’s when he devised a strategy with which to exploit the weaknesses of many flawed Roulette wheels, and thereby winning millions at various European casinos.

Jarecki became a real and present threat to many major-league casino corporations during the 1970’s, including casinos situated in Las Vegas, Italy, and Monte Carlo. He recently made headlines once more, but this time as a result of a more unfortunate event. The brilliant professor who had become world-famous for achieving the near impossible, had passed away at the age of 86.

Stories Re-Told

The news of Jarecki’s passing went public last Thursday, and ever since the news had entered the public domain, many stories concerning the brilliant mind’s Roulette antics started to re-surface once more.

According to reports by major media outlet the New York Times, he passed away on July the 25th in his home in Manila. The cause of his death was reported to have been pneumonia.

Jarecki was born in Germany but ended up growing up in the United States after his family was forced from the country by Nazi rule during the 1930’s. He initially commenced his studies at Duke University, later returning to Germany to complete his studies at the University of Heidelberg. According to various reports originating from the 1960’s, it was here that he first started winning huge sums of cash by playing Roulette.

Cleaning Out The Coffers

During the 1960’s, Jarecki became notorious for literally cleaning out the casinos where he chose to play his game of choice. He won millions at various Roulette tables, prompting other players to place the same bets. This had an even more detrimental effect on the budgets of his usual hang-outs. According to his wife’s account of the details, Italian authorities even managed to ban the good professor from Italy for a couple of months.

Attention To Detail Pays

As it turns out, his success was based on the fact that he was a master at spotting minor flaws and then exploiting these in his favour. He spent a great deal of time keeping a close eye on proceedings before placing a bet at any particular Roulette table. He took advantage of everything from general wear and tear to manufacturing defects. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details