Scientific Games Unveils New Immersive Ecosystem

Published By Mia Gardner : 16 Oct 2019 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

OpenGaming is the new immersive and fully-fledged entertainment ecosystem on offer from the Scientific Games Corporation. It’s a combination of two of their flagship products, their OpenPlatform and their Open Gaming System. The first part is the company’s content aggregator platform that gives players access to all of their casino games, and the second is the developer’s platform for player account management.

The combining of these two elements has given the brand an exciting new offering for players. It’s also an enticing product for iGaming operators around the world to buy into. The Scientific Games Corporation will start by showing off the extent to which players can immerse themselves in an end-to-end experience online through the company’s own operations. Once they have a successful run of players signing up, they can sell the use of the platform to other online casino operators.

An Industry First

OpenGaming is really an industry first. The developers responsible for the platform have stated that they are excited that they can offer players a truly immersive experience that is rich in interactive features. It has been described as a true digital ecosystem that is full of different ways for players to interact with both the content and with each other. The group chief executive of the Scientific Games Corporation, Jordan Levin, commented that this is the future of the gaming industry online.

All players using OpenGaming will have access to the wide range of casino games created by the Scientific Games Corporation, as well as the numerous third party content that is available on the aggregator platform. This totals over 2500 titles. Players can also update and manage their profiles through the account management system. Then there is a host of extra features that are also available, including tournaments and peer-to-peer games, jackpots and free rounds.

Scientific Games Expanding In USA

The Scientific Games Corporation is clearly on the expansion wagon. They are breaking boundaries in the online market with new technology and concepts like OpenGaming. The company is also making moves physically by expanding their sports betting operations.

SG are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and are now progressing into various other states across the USA. A partnership deal with Caesars Entertainment has seen them go on to become the biggest sports betting operation in New York, as well as having several operations in other cities and states. They currently operate in five states in the US. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details