Canadian Tartan Day Celebrations

Published By Mia Gardner : 01 Apr 2022 | Last Updated: 06 Jun 2022

It may come as a surprise that around 15.1% of all Canadians are of Scottish decent. This is the basis for the well-loved Tartan Day festival that occurs on the 6th of April. The day is held as a general celebration of Scottish culture, though is also linked to important moments in history. In the case of Canada, the same day marks the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath.

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Tartan Day is also acknowledged in numerous other countries around the world, including Scotland, Argentina, Australia and the United States. The purpose of the occasion is always Scottish culture, though there are differences in how the day is observed. Argentina for example has 100,000 residents that descend from Scotland. On April 6th the community gathers and has been doing so since 2006. The celebration involves carrying a key of symbolic significance meant to relate to Arbroath’s Abbey.

In Australia many millions of residents are descended from Scotland, with Tartan Day celebrated on 1st July. This marks the day the Act of Proscription was repealed in 1782. Amongst other things, the controversial act made wearing traditional tartan a crime.

Tartan Day Festivities

As would be expected, no matter which country is celebrating the occasion, the event includes a strong focus on traditional Scottish culture. Parades are walked by men in kilts playing classic bagpipes, while Highland dancers generally also make an appearance. Other activities themed around Scotland vary in popularity and interest, and there are even themed Belle Rock Entertainment slots that can be enjoyed at a mobile online casino.

As was said by Jean Watson on March 9th, 1986, in Nova Scotia Canada, Tartan Day is mostly meant to raise awareness about his traditional culture and introduce it to those that may not be familiar. Hence the celebratory days may be linked to events in history but are mostly simply about introducing a rich heritage to the world.

Playing Heritage-Themed Games

Tartan Day is about being amongst others and appreciating heritage, but this can also be done at home. There are a number of Belle Rock Entertainment slots that have heritage as a central theme. So, those that are interested can enjoy the Tartan Day festivities and then head home and learn about some other cultures through gaming.

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Commandos II: Desert Raid, by Octavian Gaming, pays homage to military conflicts of the past. Miss Major by CT Gaming depicts men and woman in classic military garb, invoking memories of World War 2. 108 Heroes by Mahi Gaming puts a focus on Chinese culture, making the game as a stunning to look at as it is fun to play. Last, we have Roman Legion Xtreme, a game that puts the microscope on ancient Roman warfare. 

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