Online Casinos May Be Coming to Texas

Published By Mia Gardner : 09 Jan 2021 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

Online casinos may soon be a legal entertainment option for residents of Texas in the South Central area of the United States of America. Sheldon Gary Adelson, the billionaire businessman, investor, philanthropist, political donor and boss of Las Vegas Sands Corporation put serious money into the equation at the end of 2020. This was after news broke in November last year that the possibility that legislation to legalise certain online casino games was being bandied about.

The 87-year-old, who serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman for the resort company based in Paradise, Nevada, contributed roughly US$4.5 million into Republican candidates’ campaign coffers in Texas.

 A Proposed Amendment

Adelson’s cash injection came just after a member of the Democratic Party in the Texas House of Representatives proposed amending the constitution. This would be to allow certain coastal jurisdictions to allow online casinos to start operating legally.

An effort earlier on in 2020 failed, but times have changed, and this measure could well be seen as a good idea because Texas is struggling with a severe budget shortfall. The deficit could be as much as US$4.6 billion.

A Way to Keep Texas Cash in Texas

Joseph Dwain Deshotel, more commonly known as plain Joe Deshotel, is the Beaumont attorney and businessman as well as a Democratic member in the Texan House of Representatives. He is reportedly the man responsible for initiating talks about a constitutional amendment last year as a way to offset expensive windstorm insurance for residents of his jurisdiction.

The Port Arthur official remarked that land-based gambling is legal in Texas’ neighbouring states of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. He’s hoping to start the legislative process this month as a method to enhance cash flow in the region with the money spent on playing online casino games.

Speaking at the end of last year, Deshotel said that the prospect of legalising online casinos is brighter now than it’s ever been. He spoke of trying to stop money leaving the area and finding a way to push it back into the local economy. Deshotel said that it could then be used to help Texans who need it.

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