Trump Still Owes Taj Mahal Casino Suppliers

Published By Mia Gardner : 30 Jan 2020 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

US President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed may not be worth paying too much attention to, but apparently his promises fall into the same exact category. The majority of people are aware that the 45th president of the United States once owned three Atlantic City casinos; including the famous Trump Taj Mahal; but nearly as many do not know the half of what the former reality-tv star is really capable of when it comes to turning a deaf ear to the plight of the contractors who worked on the impressive building some 30 years ago; contractors many of whom are to this day still waiting to be paid their dues for services rendered and expensive building materials supplied.

Trump may not any longer own any of the Atlantic City casinos bearing either his name or his reputation, but his is a name that will forever cleave to the New Jersey town, and most definitely not because of contributions made to the local workers’ class.

New Report Tells All

According to a report recently published by an online news and media publication, several of the contractors who had worked on Trump’s 1990s casino developments are not only to this day waiting to be paid, but only recently managed to settle the last of the massive loans that they themselves were at the time forced to take on in an attempt to do good by their own creditors and suppliers. These loans were more often than not accompanied by massive interest rates.

Triad Building Specialties co-owner Steve Jenkins is able to speak from first-hand experience about Trump’s unwillingness to pay his dues. Jenkins’ father founded Triad back in the 1970s. Trump had entered into a service delivery contract with Triad back in 1990 for the installation of the non-plumbing gear at the Taj Mahal. The contract entered into between the former Apprentice host and Triad was for $300,000. Needless to say, to this day the now-POTUS hasn’t paid all of the money he owes to Triad. The supplier eventually had no other option but to take out a loan for $400,000 in order to settle its own debts as a direct result of the now-president’s failure to come to the party. Steve Jenkins was only 19 at the time, but by the time the company had eventually managed to settle the final instalment on the loan; 10 years later; Jenkins was 29.

Triad Is One Of Many Others

There are many others just like Jenkins and Triad. The really sad part is that Trump had realised from early on in the process of the building of the famous Taj Mahal casino that he would not be able to settle the money owed to many of the men who had worked on the massive project and yet continued to push through and boast about his enormous acumen as a talented businessman. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details