William Hill Becomes Official NBA Betting Partner

Published By Mia Gardner : 08 Oct 2019 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

The National Basketball Association (NBA) in the USA has announced their fourth official sports betting partner for their upcoming 2019-2020 season. William Hill, a UK bookmaker, has joined the ranks of the partner list as part of their expansion tactics into the US market. They have licenses to operate both land-based sports betting facilities and their mobile betting app in the region.

Being an official partner to the NBA has some big benefits for a company like William Hill. They can now use the official branding of the NBA on their mobile app and at their land-based operations. This will give them automatic credibility with players who are looking to place bets on NBA matches. Additionally, William Hill will now have direct access to the official league data that is generated by the NBA. This includes player statistics; match breakdowns and other insights that their players can use to make informed betting decisions.

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William Hill’s Global Brand

William Hill started their operations in the UK, where their headquarters are based. However, with some of the new regulations that have come into play in the region, the company has been looking to expand in order to maximise their revenue options. Expansion into the USA has been on the cards for several large UK-based operators. William Hill has recently succeeded in pushing into the USA territories and is already seeing some big successes come from this move. The deal to become an official partner of the NBA is a clear sign of how well the company is doing in the country.

The senior vice president of the NBA, Scott Kaufman-Ross, has stated that the NBA is happy to be in business with a company that has such an excellent international reputation. They have been watching the way William Hill entered the US market and the standard that they set right from the beginning of their operations in the country. Kaufman-Ross said in his statement that he is sure that William Hill will be able to provide a world-class experience for their fans.

Four NBA Partners

The NBA now has four official partners in the sports betting arena. These are the newly signed William Hill, as well as The Stars Group, FanDuel and MGM Resorts. These deals are all non-exclusive to ensure that NBA fans can get as varied a betting experience as possible.

When talking about the new deal, US vice president for William Hill, Dan Shapiro, mentioned that they are excited to be part of such a creative partnership. It’s a big win for legalised sports betting in the US market.

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