Woohoo Casino Games To Feature On Nektan

Published By Mia Gardner : 12 Mar 2020 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

Up and coming development studio Woohoo Games are quickly building up a respectable reputation. The studio is known for delivering quality casino games, but have struggled to properly establish themselves in key regulated markets. But now the company have announced a big step in the right direction. It seems that Woohoo Games have struck a major deal with Nektan, a platform provider that is well established in the Asian markets.

Currently the studio only has a total of 10 casino games in their portfolio, but all 10 are to be prominently featured on the Nektan platform. Plus, it was revealed that the studio intends on releasing 3 more titles before the end of March 2020, all of which would also be shipped directly to Nektan.

Certainly a big achievement for a smaller studio, and also likely a sign of a bright future.

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A Major Goal Achieved

Head of business development at Woohoo Games, Ed Whittington, was quick to call the new partnership a major achievement. He pointed out that although his studio had already seen some success in the Asian market, that being featured on the mega-corporation’s platform would be the major boost that had been needed to reach the next level.

He added that, due to Nektan’s reputation for doing in-depth research into the companies they partnered with, that the deal was also proof positive that Woohoo Games operated on high level of professionalism. In other words, Whittington concluded, the partnership with the Asian mega-corporation was nothing short of a major seal of approval, opening up doorways around the world, and allowing the casino game company to go further than ever before.

A Clean UX Wins The Day

Meanwhile, vice president of commercials at Nektan, Jaydeep Chakravartty, had only positive things to say about the developers. He first confirmed that the casino game development market was indeed a highly competitive one, and that only the best companies rose to the surface. In that regard he explained that it had been Woohoo Game’s outstanding performance in terms of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design that had won them the prominent spot.

It seems that the developer’s focus on offering casino games with a simplified UX and UI that allows for quick localisation around the world, has clearly paid off. Whittington confirmed that, indeed, one of the key focuses of the developer is to make games for world markets, rather than one individual market.

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