YG Masters Online Casino Network Grows

Published By Mia Gardner : 27 Nov 2020 | Last Updated: 30 Dec 2020

It seems as if there is no slowing down the YG Masters program. The initiative, launched by online casino corporate behemoth Yggdrasil, is aimed at providing an extremely user-friendly support structure for smaller developers. Since its inception, the network has grown exponentially, welcoming new partners on an almost weekly basis. The latest studio to join is Circle 8 Games.

Circle 8 Games is based in Reno, Nevada, and although a relative newcomer to the industry has shown immense potential. The developer’s games are enormously innovative, extremely unique, and will no doubt add incredible value to the YG Masters network.

Interestingly enough, the company is also the first from the United States to have become part of the initiative, demonstrating just how far reaching the project has become.

A Perfect Toolset

The benefits of YG Masters are twofold. The first, and most obvious advantage is that the network drastically enhances the reach of partnered corporations. Any online casino content that is created has instant access to a vast network of operators, allowing for incredible iGaming industry penetration. Developers that may have had limited opportunities before are suddenly granted immense reach, drastically enhancing their growth potential.

Secondly, all members of the collective are also granted access to the vastly powerful GATI toolset. GATI offers a fast, streamlined software environment in which online casino games can not only be created, but also marketed.

Circle 8 Studios now has access to all of the above, putting them in a much stronger position than ever before. How they make use of the opportunity remains to be seen, but no doubt the team will be thrilled to have been given this leg up.

Some of the games already created by the company, that have now been added to the system, include Crazy Hot Jackpots, Lucky Ruby, Cash Flurry, Sugar Stacks, and more.

Welcoming Partners

Stuart McCarthy, head of partner programs at Yggdrasil, welcomed the new partners. He stated that he was thrilled to once again be welcoming a new studio to the network and was pleased that yet another talented online casino group had decided to come on board.

President of Circle 8 Games, Ryan Cuddy, shared a few thoughts of his own. He stated simply that his team was eager to jump in and get cracking on new content. He pointed out that he and his company are constantly on the lookout for new ways to break deeper into the industry, and that the YG Masters program was nothing short of an exceptional way to reach never before seen heights.

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